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Nicholle Lambert wants to live in a world where unicorns fart rainbows, water magically turns into wine and people respect contrasting opinions without being offended. As a marketing designer, aspiring writer/blogger and former bartender she’s been applauded on her creative genius within a variety of talents; from increasing gross revenue by 47% at NHC where she was Marketing Development Manager, combating sensitive and controversial topics with an unwavering approach, to her masterful ingenuity on inventing specialty cocktails geared toward the individual. When she’s not marketing, writing or shaking up a new drink, you can find her up on stage at the local karaoke joint belting out the tunes of Bon Jovi or breaking it down on the dance floor with her uproarious, eccentric dance moves. Her home life consists of a precocious 4yr old son whom she shares custody with his father in Atlanta and a 20yr old daughter who lives in Chicago. After living in Oahu, Hawaii, she now resides with her Northeastern Italian male counterpart in a charming North Atlanta suburb. Nicholle embraces the spirit of Aloha and organically follows the ideals with her no-filter style of writing, heart-wrenching emotional commitment and insightful, analytical balance until she finds order to the chaos. And then a new world is born; Awesomeland.