GAME CHANGER: Retiring Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack Endorses Judge Jennifer Dorow

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Retiring Conservative Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack has endorsed Judge Jennifer Dorow for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Newstalk1130 Show Host Mark Belling broke the news on Twitter today

In a statement, Roggensack said Dorow ‘has been one of the most respected jurists in Wisconsin for many years… She is a leader amongst judges in our state.” Roggensack has been on the high court since 2003 and is a well-respected Conservative. Her term ends on July 31st.

Her endorsement further propels Dorow as the frontrunner against Justice Daniel Kelly. A couple of days ago, I called on Dan Kelly to drop out of the race because of Jennifer Dorow’s surging momentum.

Here is the full Dorow campaign Press Release:

Media Contact: Kathryn Wellner. 414-852-5277


Waukesha, Wis. (January 9, 2023) – Judge Jennifer Dorow’s campaign received a major boost from the woman she is seeking to succeed on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Retiring Justice Patience Drake (Pat) Roggensack announced today that she is endorsing Dorow to take her place on the state’s highest court. 

“Judge Dorow has been one of the most respected jurists in Wisconsin for many years,” said Justice Roggensack. “She is a leader amongst judges in our state. She has repeatedly ruled in ways that show her knowledge of the law and a fair and even-handed treatment of all. Judge Dorow knows the proper role of a judge is to say what the law is – not what it ought to be. I am confident Judge Dorow will make an excellent addition to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and she has my unequivocal support.” 

“As a working mom in the legal field, Justice Roggensack has really been a role model to me and so many other women. I’m honored beyond words to have her endorsement,” said Judge Jennifer Dorow. “Justice Roggensack has left an enduring legacy on the Court and the state of Wisconsin. Her commitment to the rule of law, the constitution and impartiality are qualities I will strive to emulate if I am given the honor of following in her very sizable footsteps.”

Justice Roggensack was elected to the Supreme Court in 2003 and re-elected in 2013. On May 1, 2015, she became the first justice chosen by members of the Court to serve as chief justice. She was re-elected to serve as chief justice in 2017, and 2019. She chose not to seek a fourth term as chief justice in 2021.  

Justice Roggensack joins Judge Dorow’s quickly growing list of impressive endorsements that include retired Justice Jon Wilcox, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Waukesha Police Chiefs Association, Fond du Lac County District Attorney and President of the Wisconsin District Attorney’s Association Eric Toney, and 33 bi-partisan Wisconsin sheriffs. 

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