Hate has a home with Alderman Heather Kuhl: Her Toxic Extremist ‘values’ show no respect for Tosa

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UPDATE: This Article was featured on Mark Belling’s Late Afternoon Show on Newstalk 1130 WISN Radio on October 14th, 2020:


Just as Autumn is a time when leaves start to fall, when a public official has disgraced their position of power by being indecent, vulgar, unprofessional, it is time for them to fall in disgrace. It’s time for the Wauwatosa city council to call for Alderman Heather Kuhl to step aside.

I find it ironic that the person who spearheaded the ‘Hate has no home here’ sign campaign in Wauwatosa, is in fact, full of hate herself. Tosa Alderman Heather Kuhl is a toxic hypocrite.

Ever since Alderman Heather Kuhl assumed office, she has done nothing but demonize Wauwatosa, and thousands of it’s citizens.  She has painted Wauwatosa in such a bad light, one would think we were stuck in the Jim Crow South.

I have seen first hand the venom she spews toward anybody who dares challenge her extremist points of view. She certainly pulled the wool over the eyes of her constituents with her ‘warm fuzzy’ campaign. Boy, were they in for a surprise.

Under her leadership, and I use the term loosely, we have seen an extremest agenda being forced down our throats with little to no opposition from other city leaders. It started with her attempt to make Wauwatosa a ‘sanctuary city’, or as she later changed the name to, ‘safe city’ (because it sounded better). Luckily we were able to beat that back.

Later, she forced through a sanctioned ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ (racial quota) committee and a ban on straws. Recently, she set her sights on the Tosa Police and especially Police Chief Barry Weber. Soon after the death of George Floyd, the city council had meeting to discuss ‘policing’ and Alderman Kuhl used the meeting to publicly inviscerate Chief Weber. She is also using the Joe Mensah case to literally stir up racial division in Tosa. One of her constituents sent her a letter regarding her tone and here’s her Kuhl’s reply:

“I have 2 years left in this position, and I have no intention of being tone policed when I am speaking out about things that I am passionate about.”

In addition to being an extremist on the council, she is also a keyboard warrior.  But not under her real name. She actually has several other social media profiles. One of them is on Twitter known as #vanillavixen. A profile she uses to ‘secretly’ spew her hate. Here is a gem that her husband thought he should retweet:

Seeing as Wauwatosa is basically a purple swing area, I’d say she has just disenfranchised half of her constituents. Wauwatosa has always been a swing area with about a 50/50 split between Democrats and Republicans.

I’m not sure where she moved here from, but she does seem to be a well trained left-wing operative. The big question is, did she choose to live in Wauwatosa, or was she sent here by someone higher up to promote a bigger agenda? I find it telling that she and her activist friends in government, good friends like Assembly Representative Robyn Vining, refuse to condemn the recent violence and support police.

Their silence speaks volumes.

Even though she is just an alderman, Alderman Heather Kuhl does make decisions that effect our whole community. Her actions over the past many months, especially stirring racial divisions in our community, show that she is unfit to remain in her position.

There are several other members of the council with whom I disagree, but they are at least professional and treat constituents with respect.

Wauwatosa used to be a city where people genuinely got along, regardless of ideology.  It’s one of the reasons I moved my family back to Wauwatosa in 1999. Unfortunately, Kuhl, along with her merry band of social justice warriors, have pushed people apart.

It’s time to repair the damage, Wauwatosa residents need to make their voices heard and contact their Alderman and the Mayor and tell them to call on Heather Kuhl to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. Wauwatosa should expect and deserves more from it’s elected officials.

Why? Because Hate has no home here!