Holding Out for a Hero, Afraid of a Zero

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I was sitting around helping with homework the other night when I got an interesting text message from a friend that I hold in high regard. She asked, “Can you vote for Romney if if he wins?” Needless to say, I was a little perplexed at this question, but then it hit me like freight train.

You see, lately I have been laser-focused on making sure Democracy wins by supporting Scott Walker. That question made me realize, that no matter how effective our governor is, we still have Washington looming over us like a tiger with a slab of beef just waiting to devour us.

As a conservative with Libertarian leanings, I am solidly in the anybody-but-Obama court. That being said, I have been extremely underwhelmed by the choices Republicans have offered up as of late. In the past few election cycles, it has been simply choosing the lesser-of-two-evils. In the Republican Party, it’s always a matter of who’s turn it is. That thinking gave us Bob Dole and John McCain, for crying out loud! And with Romney’s decisive win in Florida, it looks like the establishment will do it again. Romney, the not-completely conservative businessman who seems ashamed of being successful in business, is the front-runner.

But what are the alternatives?

Newt Gingrich? Are you kidding me? I know they say the Romney tends to flip-flop, but Newt is like a salmon that just jumped onto the deck of a boat. That man has more baggage than Michelle Obama on a taxpayer-paid junket to the Far East. Hello? Hanging out with Pelosi? Can you say big government? He has a government solution for everything.

As for Rick Santorum, I’m reminded of Adm. James Stockdale in the 1992 VP debate when he opened with the line “Who am I, why am I here?” Seriously, another “compassionate conservative?” We went through eight years of Bush’s compassionate conservatism and all we got was this lousy Obama. Not even a T-shirt. Santorum also has a government solution for everything. And seriously, why does he always look like he’s constipated? Just an observation, but I digress.

Then there’s Ron Paul, the true believer, the ONLY candidate that has the intestinal fortitude to make the cuts we truly need. The pillar of fiscal soundness. His problem is his age, and the perception that he is misjudging the Islamic hatred toward the U.S. Can you imagine Paul against a younger, sleeker Obama? Let’s face it, the squishy middle votes on perception. What about the fact that Paul also has thousands of liberal followers? Many say that gives Paul great crossover appeal. So, why does the Rocky Horror Picture Show come to mind? Could it be that many of his supporters are more of a cult following? It’s such a drag (pun intended). I do not trust the resolve of those liberal Paul supporters to make the choice of sound fiscal policy over government handouts. Hence, Obama wins.

Now to the big question, what about Romney? Romney has many issues, especially the albatross around his political neck. You know, the fact that there was Romney care before Obamacare. That is a huge issue, but other than Paul all the candidates have healthcare skeletons. Other issues with Romney are that he keeps giving in to Obama’s class warfare, and like I said before, he’s seems ashamed of his own business success. He needs to stand up and shout it from the mountain tops! Capitalism is good! So, I look for the silver lining. Romney’s strengths are that is the only one that is NOT from Washington and the only one left with significant private sector experience.

Let me be frank for a moment, there is no inspirational leader that is running, no Reagan, no Kennedy. Since none of our rising stars like Paul Ryan, Rand Paul or Allen West are running, we have limited choices. Well, there is always that possibility of a third-party candidate. What? Look, I’m an anti-establishment guy, I even voted for Perot once. I am telling you, a third-party will guarantee another four years for Obama. If Obama wins, that tiger will devour us! This leaves us stuck with a lesser of evils, establishment guy. Sigh!

So, will I vote for Mitt Romney if he wins the nomination? YOU BET I WILL! I will support the Republican nominee no matter who it is! There is too much at stake. It’s time to tame that tiger.

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