The 2nd Amendment is LITERALLY ON THE BALLOT in Wisconsin on APRIL 7th.

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IF YOUR CARE ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS, rights like the 2nd Amendment are LITERALLY ON THE BALLOT in Wisconsin on APRIL 7th.

Recently, at President Trump’s Keep America Great rally in Milwaukee, President Trump endorsed Justice Daniel Kelly for re-election to the Wisconsin Supreme court on April 7th.

President Trump said, “Last spring, Wisconsin voters, as you know, elected a great judge to your State Supreme Court (Justice Hagedorn), and this spring you have a chance to re-elect another terrific judge, Justice Daniel Kelly. Go vote for Justice Daniel Kelly to defend the rule of law in Wisconsin.”

President Trump understands how important it is to have judges who will support our U.S. Constitution, our rights.

He knows that the rights like the 2nd Amendment, are under attack every day by the radical Left.

Justice Dan Kelly, a sportsman himself, WILL PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTIONAL 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS and the rest of our rights as well. He will ensure the rule of law is upheld and will judge laws based on how they are written, not how he wishes them to be.

Justice Kelly’s opponent, Jill Karofsky, is a far-left judicial activist and self avowed social justice warrior who has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, anti-second-amendment groups, anti-Christian groups and is supported by anti-business, pro-socialist groups. She has been openly supportive of restricting our gun rights by restricting our right to hunt.

Justice Kelly, like President Trump, supports our Constitution, our soldiers, and the military. He has been endorsed by the law enforcement community and members of both parties. See the list of Sheriffs supporting Justice Kelly here.


VOTE TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS, our very freedoms are at stake.

Because of the uncertainty regarding in person voting due to the COVID-19 restrictions, you can request an absentee ballot by calling your city, town, or village clerk. Or you can request an absentee ballot at:

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