Where’s Rebecca?

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Here we are about a month past the August 9th primary where Republican Governor candiate, Tim Michels decisively beat challenger Rebecca Keefisch. On election night, Rebecca very gracefully conceded the election to Tim Michels and gave a great concession speech.

She gracefully congratulated Michels and encouraged everyone to support him. But ever since election night, we have gotten nothing but crickets.

Naturally, after such a hard-fought primary battle, it’s no surprise that Rebecca likely needed some time to regroup. That’s completely understandable. 

But now the time has come to get out and openly support Tim Michels. She doesn’t have to be out there campaigning every weekend; social media works wonders.  She could encourage her donors to contribute to Michels, and her grassroots supporters to help Michels. She can talk about how bad another four years of Tony Evers would be.

It’s now about a month since the primary, and still, NOTHING from Kleefisch. Why? Is it sour grapes? Kleefisch has worked hard to recruit and support GOP candidates for years, so what’ taking so long for a visible sign of support for Michels? The latest polls show Michels neck and neck with Evers, an excellent position to be in this early in the race.

To his credit, even Rebecca’s friend and biggest supporter, Governor Scott Walker, has been loudly and consistently out there supporting Michels on social media, etc. And her campaign chairman, Scott Neitzel, was at the 53rd annual Chicken Burn and told a reporter he supports Tim Michels. 

Also, WMC, the tavern league, and the Milwaukee and Kenosha police associations who all endorsed Kleefisch early on, have now all endorsed Tim Michels.

Yesterday, even independent Conservative Candidate Joan Ellis Beglinger suspended her campaign and has backed Tim Michels. She stated, ‘Our path has changed; our objectives have not.’ Beglinger was polling at 7% and does not want Evers to win.

Perhaps Rebecca Kleefisch can follow Beglinger’s lead to be pragmatic and support the ONLY PATH FORWARD to accomplish anything she campaigned on the past few years.  Tim Michels is literally the ONLY way go get any of the conservative agenda accomplished.

It’s past time to step up. This silence has not gone unnoticed. But there’s still time to make a difference.

There are still several diehard Kleefisch supporters who are just waiting for Rebecca to lead and pave the way. We know she cares about Wisconsin, why else would she have worked so hard? Rebecca should immediately call Tim Michels and help him defeat Tony Evers and save our state and solve the problems she campaigned on like universal school choice, firing low bail DA’s , etc

As I have said before, NOTHING justifies allowing another four years of Tony Evers, NOTHING! It’s time to get back into the fight, Wisconsin and your supporters need you.