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Fragile Egos, and the Surprising Challenge to a SUCCESSFUL Republican County Chairman

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Anybody who has read my articles over the years knows that I am no stranger to going against the Republican Party leadership status quo when necessary.

I have been going after outgoing Milwaukee County Chairman David Karst for years, and more recently, I have gone after Dane County Chairman, Scott Grabins. Why? They both have ineffective and failing records as chairmen of their respective counties. They like to ‘talk’ but rarely if ever, seem to act.

Like I said above, take on Republican leaders ‘when necessary,’ and in the case of both Karst and Grabins, it was TOTALLY NECESSARY. Unfortunately, some Republicans feel the need to unnecessarily take on one of the few effective Republican County leaders in Wisconsin.

To quote Joe Biden, ‘C’mon man!’

I just received word that someone is planning to challenge Waukesha County Chairman Terry Dittrich. WHAT?!?

Clearly, anybody has the right to challenge any leader, but this makes absolutely zero sense. I have no issue with the challenger, but I do have an issue with what seems to be behind the challenge. More on that later.

When Terry was elected as Chairman of the Waukesha GOP in 2019, he was a breath of fresh air, because he showed he’s a man of action, not just a talker. He’s done everything from helping to protect the Kooyenga State Senate Seat to helping conceive and spearhead the incredibly successful WisRed Initiative.

Even in the difficult Republican election of 2022, Terry Dittrich managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for the State Senate and State Assembly.

With State Senator Dale Kooyenga choosing not to run for reelection at the 11th hour, this left a dangerous void in the 5th Senate District. With little time to spare, it was Terry Dittrich who took the lead and helped recruit Rob Hutton to run for and eventually WIN the seat.

This seat gave Republicans a supermajority in the State Senate. And frankly, saved me from being represented by a total crackpot in the Senate. This is to say nothing about the Assembly Seats Waukesha County picked up under Terry Dittrich’s watch.

Then, there’s the WisRed Initiative.

IT WAS BRILLIANT and had NEVER been tried by Republicans. The Republican Party would traditionally sit out local races statewide because they were considered ‘non-partisan.’ But why, the Democrats are doing it? Terry Dittrich challenged history and spearheaded the effort to get the Republican Party involved in recruiting and running Conservatives for local seats like City council and school board.

In Waukesha County, the largest Republican voter base in the state, Republicans would normally get trounced in these races, but that changed with WisRed. Because of Republican Party Involvement in Waukesha County, Conservatives were able to win in excess of 350 of these seats over the past three election cycles.

In fact, it’s so successful that another group wants to take over the initiative in Waukesha County so they can claim credit for the successful WisRed strategy in their own future political runs. Perhaps that group should focus on other counties? But that’s another subject altogether.

The reality is, we shouldn’t be voting Terry Dittrich out, he should be reelected and his SUCCESSFUL efforts need to be duplicated throughout the state. Heck, with the fact that Democrats have been owning local offices for decades, I’d say this needs to be duplicated nationwide.

I cannot think of any reason to replace a rare workhorse like Terry Dittrich at this juncture. The numbers matter and they are heavily in his favor. Sadly, I fear there is something more sinister, and frankly petty, at play here.

Why would someone try to derail one of the more successful GOP operations in the State bu removing its Chairman?

It clearly comes down to the fact that he Dittrich had the audacity to remain publicly neutral for the 2022 Governor primary rather than bend the knee and gravel at the feet of the self-proclaimed ‘chosen one.’ And now that Camp is aggressively trying to exact its revenge by picking off anyone who didn’t do as they were told in the primary. I am also hearing of a similar effort in Ozaukee County with the same suspicious framework.

Could somebody be strategically working to have ‘YES’ people in place in key county leadership to prepare for someone’s forthcoming US Senate race? Hmmmmm?

If this camp had worked even half as hard in the effort to elect Tim Michels, perhaps we would have had a different result. Of course, we got nothing but crickets from them, but now they feel entitled to control the most important Republican County in the state.

As I said, PETTY, and frankly childish. It’s sad that people are still engaged in fighting the same primary battle of 2022 when there are more important things than coddling the fragile ego of a former Governor candidate.

So, here’s the scoop. Terry Dittrich has proven and has earned re-election as Chairman of the Waukesha County Republican Party. He’s arguably incredibly successful and the most important County Chairman in the state.

In order to vote at the Caucus, you must be a current member of the Waukesha County Republican Party by this Wednesday, January 25th. Also, YOU MUST BE PRESENT at the Caucus to vote, that date is Saturday, February 25th, from 9:30 am-Noon.

There is plenty of ‘noise’ out there that should be largely ignored. Some even attack Terry Dittrich’s passionate and outspoken personality by saying he’s ‘too confident’ or ‘too cocky’ for their tastes. But, as Rush Limbaugh is famous for saying, ‘It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.’

On the Waukesha County Republican website, Dittrich states, ‘My goal as Chairman is to make sure the Republican Party of Waukesha County continues to “Lead the Way” in the County, State and nationally to promote the conservative principles that made this country great!’

Waukesha and Wisconsin both need more like Terry Dittrich throughout the state, not less.

The Feckless Oconomowoc School Board Proceeds with Two Referendum Questions on Spring Ballot, Totalling $75 Million

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The sky is falling in Oconomowoc Public Schools and if they do not get more taxpayer money, kids will surely be learning by candlelight before too long. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE, or so the Oconomowoc School board apparently would like you to think.

In a major affront to the Oconomowoc taxpayers, the Oconomowoc School Board voted in favor of supporting two referendum questions to be added to the spring ballot, totaling a whopping $75 Million. Getting it on the ballot was the ‘hard’ part.

Make no mistake about it, this will likely pass in April, because who wants to be accused of not caring about kids? Hyperbole anyone?

This is because professional Referendum Hustler, School Perceptions conducted a survey, and not surprisingly, the results came back in support. Funny how that works, they probably have a 99% survey success record because of how they ask the questions. Here is a link to download the PDF of the manipulated SURVEY RESULTS

This does beg the question, how much taxpayer money was used to pay School Perceptions for conducting their ‘unbiased’ manipulative survey that was designed to get the desired result, and how much do they get if they pass? A question that has gone largely unanswered throughout referendums around the state.

A few weeks I wrote about how the board was ‘considering’ a $90 Million Referendum and was going to do the survey and hold a listening session. Clearly, there was pushback because now the total dropped. But in an effort to paint the false ‘perception’ (pun intended) of being a smaller amount, the propagandists split the $75 Million number into two smaller numbers and the board voted on both of them separately.

Here’s how the vote broke down.

The feckless Oconomowoc School Board voted 4-1 to place a $38.65 million referendum question on the ballot, asking for voters to approve a series of ‘facilities improvements’ at Oconomowoc High School and Ixonia Elementary schools. With the same 4-1 margin they voted to put a separate $36.8 million referendum question on the ballot, seeking authority to allocate the funds for a number of projects at Oconomowoc High School, including construction and renovation of art, music, and commons space.  

The four Board members who cast ‘YES’ votes were Neal Niemann, Sandy Schick, Jessica Karnowski, and James Wood. Board member Bill Thiel was the ONLY member with the courage to Dissent. Board members Jason Baumann and Matt Carrico were not present at the meeting for whatever reason. Were they afraid of being on record? Indications are they would have supported it, but we may never know. Shameful!

As I have written before, this comes just eight short years since the Oconomowoc School System’s last multi Million Dollar Referendum, and they are NOT done paying for that one yet. All this at a time when taxpayers are already saddled with runaway inflation on nearly everything. Taxpayers simply CANNOT BEAR MORE EXPENSE, but the Board simply does not care.

Why be responsible and maintain facilities and infrastructure when you can simply keep going back to the Taxpayer trough? This is to say nothing of the new fancy shiny things that do NOTHING to improve education.

What’s more, let’s not forget that the Board has done nearly nothing to cut costs so they could actually avoid picking the taxpayer’s pocket. Even now, they are still attempting to ‘sell’ the vacant Meadow View School building which seems to be deliberately priced way too high. By design?

Let’s not forget the ‘the caveat that it cannot be sold to another school as ‘deed restriction that restricts the property from being used as an educational institution or school for any portion of grades from 4-year-old kindergarten through grade 12.’ Really? In other words, to avoid competition. But I digress.

If the board is not showing fiscal responsibility with what it already has by cutting costs, why should the taxpayer give them more money to mismanage? The sale of that building could help eliminate most if not all of the ’emergency’ money needed.

What a sad tribute to tawdry self-indulgent times. Sigh!

What makes this worse, all but one of the seven board members are supposed to be Conservatives. Several of them ACTUALLY CAMPAIGNED ON NO REFERENDUMS, yet here we are. With Conservatives like this, who needs Liberals?

It’s long past time for the Oconomowoc area taxpayers to push back against the referendum hustlers and keep control of their hard-earned dollars.

EXCLUSIVE: The Republican Party of Dane County Resolution Supporting Harmeet Dhillon, That Nobody Knows About

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) has been under the leadership of Ronna Romney McDaniel since January of 2017. During McDaniel’s time as RNC Chair, Republicans lost the House in 2018, followed by the White House and Senate in 2020. Last November the party won a very narrow majority in the House but failed to win the Senate in what was supposed to be a Red Wave.

The Party continues to underperform with McDaniel at the helm. Across the country, many state Republican Party leaders are pushing to oust McDaniel in favor of Harmeet Dhillon. Ronna McDaniel is facing criticism for her failing leadership in using DC as its power base. In contrast, Dhillon wants to change how the party traditionally conducts business by making the grassroots the heart of the organization.

Wisconsin Republicans recently changed State leadership, so it only makes sense to support a change in leadership at the RNC, unfortunately, the RPW has been eerily quiet around the state. Does this silence mean our leaders embrace the status quo, at a time when change is so desperately needed?

Well, there seems to be more than meets the eye in of all places, Dane County, but we would never know because we are hearing nothing but crickets. Transparency for party leaders at the County level is so important in order to keep the membership informed of major decisions, especially ones that may have national implications.

Sadly, it seems that Dane County Republican Charman, Scott Grabins does not support Transparency. One would think so since the Dane County Republican Party is completely silent on a resolution the Executive Committee passed On December 27; three weeks ago.

The Executive Committee passed a MAJOR resolution to urge Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman, Brian Schimming and its two National Committee Representatives, Tom Schreible, and Maripat Krueger to support Harmeet Dhillon to replace McDaniel as Chairman of the RNC.

Dhillon strongly supports efforts to expand things like Republican ballot harvesting and Absentee voting, all things that Brian Schimming has loudly voiced support for, so, why the silence?

This makes me wonder if the passed resolution was even brought to Schimming’s attention by Chairman Grabins. After all, he didn’t even have the decency to let the membership know. Why the lack of transparency? Is there something Grabins doesn’t want people to know?

It’s time for Grabins to make the entire resolution public, and also to make the actual vote public. Members have the right to know if their Chairman, who has a challenger, supports change and a new direction for the national party, or if supports the status quo.

Will Grabins have the intestinal fortitude to make it public? We shall see.

As for the rest of Wisconsin’s County Party leadership, where are you? Dane County cannot be the only County supporting this resolution. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!

Time is running out, the RNC election will be held on January 27 in Dana Point, CA, where only RNC members can vote for its officers.

Dane County Republican Chairman Has an Energized Challenger and the Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher

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Remember last spring when parents and taxpayers around the state were able to successfully reclaim several School Boards and City Councils from the claws of the Woke Mob? 

While we certainly hope that movement continues, there seems to be a different kind of movement brewing, reclaiming Republican Party County Leadership from establishment favorites. This is starting with Dane County, the fastest-growing county in Wisconsin and 2nd largest overall.

Donors, volunteers, and activists are working to take the Republican Party of Dane County (RPDC) in a new direction.  They are tired of losing by bigger margins each cycle and being blamed for yet another statewide candidate losing.  Long-time RPDC Chairman, Scott Grabins is fighting to maintain his position despite showing no improvement in GOP turnout during his tenure. He has been put on notice and he has a young, smart, strategic challenger with fresh ideas.

It’s safe to say that Dane County has been severely underperforming for many years with Grabins at the helm. Ron Johnson lost Dane County by 163,541 votes. Tim Michels lost Dane County to Tony Evers by 174,277 votes.  These are the largest non-Presidential year deficits in history. 

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results.  

It’s long past time for a change in Dane County GOP politics.  If we don’t do something different, Republicans may never win another statewide election.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Dane County could be the reason Republicans win statewide elections.  They just need the leadership, plan, funding, and energy to get it done.  

Top 5 Dane County GOP Deficits 
Biden v. Trump ’20181,327
Evers v. Michels ’22174,277
Barnes v. Johnson ’22163,541
Baldwin v. Vukmir ’18162,535
Evers v. Walker ’18150,846

Sadly, this seems to be a pattern around State Party circles where people simply want the ‘fancy’ Chairman title but are ineffective in delivering votes. It seems they just want to sit at the head table at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner, but not do the work it takes to get more votes. More like a Chairman in name only… CHINO…Hmmmm. I think that fits.

‘CHINO’ Grabins, spearheaded the pathetic showing in Dane County this past November, yet he sent an email to local party members celebrating the Johnson win. Are you kidding me? Yes, I am thrilled Johnson won, but that was in spite of the typical anemic efforts in Dane County. Getting 23% is NOTHING TO CELEBRATE. Johnson did slightly better than Michels in Dane County; 68,194 vs. 62,300 (5894 more votes), but he got 12,476 FEWER votes in Dane County than he did in 2016. In other words, Johnson did worse in Dane County than his last election.   

It’s about the ballots stupid, and results matter!

Republicans can win statewide without winning Dane County – but they cannot continue to get slaughtered. The last GOP statewide candidate to win Dane County was Tommy Thompson in 1994.  That’s a long time ago!  Sure, I know Dane County is filled with government employees working for state, county, and city government along with UW-Madison.  So, what has Grabins done to overcome these challenges? Lincoln Day Dinners and preaching to the choir may be fun, but they do not matter!

Luckily, it looks like help is on the way. Enter a young mind with fresh ideas to lead the effort into turning Dane around. Local Dane County Republican, Brandon Maly, announced that he intends to challenge Scott Grabins for Party Chairman.In his announcement on Twitter, he stated, ‘As Chairman of RPDC, my goal will be to make Dane County the reason we win elections, not the reason we lose them.’

Brandon is a breath of fresh air who has the passion to work hard to identify and turn out GOP voters. Make no mistake, he may be young, but he is a natural leader who has already commanded the attention of many ‘important’ Dane County supporters. On top of that, he attended the Leadership Institute, so he’s well qualified.

Here is his interview with Vicki McKenna. Take a listen and get to know Brandon:

Brandon Mally on the Vicki McKenna Show

While I applaud Brandon’s efforts, this is all for naught, if he doesn’t get supporters to show up. This will do nothing if others do not join Brandon in challenging some of the other Republican leaders on the Dane County Board. 

Milwaukee County saw this a few years ago when long-time Chair David Karst was voted out. Unfortunately, the rest of the Karst people remained on the board and sabotaged every effort of the new chair. Two years later Karst came back, and it was like he never left.

This is literally ALL OR NOTHING. Help him out and step-up folks!

Of course, Grabins and his supporters are doing everything in their power to keep their ‘fancy’ titles and keep a lid on this challenge. Seriously, Brandon Maly announced on January 4th, and nothing but crickets. Not even many in the Conservative media have picked it up. 

Face it, this will be a fight, but it can be successful.

Don’t believe the nonsense that the establishment surrogates are saying about it being unwise to ‘change leaders in the middle of an important election cycle.’ If not now, when? THERE ARE ALWAYS ELECTIONS and members only get the chance to change leaders once every two years. NOW IS THE TIME. If Dane County Republicans embrace the status quo and make no change in leadership, then they are accepting massive electoral defeats for the next two years.  

Changing leadership is exactly what Dane County Republicans need. Brandon can affect changes that can turn Dane County into a Republican vote machine. No, I am not naive enough to think Republicans will win Dane County, but every 1% swing translates into thousands of votes. Imagine if we got 27% in April? Imagine if we got 30% for our presidential and US Senate nominee in November 2024.  It won’t happen under the current leadership.  

This is not dividing the party, this is fortifying it!

Between Dane and Milwaukee Counties, Republicans have about a 320,000 vote deficit to make up in the rest of the state. WE MUST MAKE AN IMPACT IN DANE COUNTY OR WE WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE STATEWIDE RACES. 

There is simply too much at stake to continue on the same old ineffective trajectory. Leadership changes are necessary across the state. 

New WISGOP Chairman, Brian Schimming, is saying all the right things about making important changes. Let’s send him some effective help to turn those changes from talk into action. Take the power away from ineffective ‘CHINO’s’ and on to victory!

The Dane County Caucus is on February 25th. People must be current members of the Republican Party of Dane County by January 25th in order to have a vote.

WI Appeals Judge Shelly Grogan Attacks Judge Jennifer Dorow and She Needs to Stop it…NOW!

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Here we go again, another Conservative primary and one side has immediately gone negative.  

If you recall, a couple of weeks ago I wrote an article where I called out Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Daniel Kelly for going negative against his opponent, Judge Jennifer Dorow. In an interview, he looked to be demeaning Dorow’s experience, and his attack backfired badly on his campaign. 

Needless to say, I expressed my concerns about Dan Kelly’s ability to win in the general when he was making rookie mistakes like that. But never once did I attack Dan Kelly’s Conservatism, experience, judicial record, etc. In fact, I celebrated his record as a Justice. That record is beyond contestation.

Unfortunately, staunch Dan Kelly supporter, WI Appeals Judge Shelly Grogan took the ‘experience’ ball and ran with it in Twitter rants and Radio interviews over the past several days.

Let me start by saying that I supported Judge Grogan throughout her last campaign, and she’s been a good Appeals judge. Surely, she has every right to support Dan Kelly, after all, he was a solid Conservative judge. I am not faulting her for that, at all. 

Sadly, her attacks against Jennifer Dorow seem very personal and oddly self-serving. She went on Newstalk 1130’s Dan O’Donnell show and aggressively attacked Judge Jennifer Dorow, questioned her Conservatism, and demeaned her experience. 

Grogan even went so far as to attack Patience Roggensack and her endorsement of Dorow. WHAT? Why would she attack a solid Conservative Champion like Roggensack? 

In his weekly column in the Waukesha Freeman this week, Newstalk 1130 Radio Host Mark Belling said, ‘(Justice Roggensack) is the most respected conservative jurist in this state in 30 years and her willingness to publicly commit to Dorow to replace her on the bench is as powerful an endorsement as could exist in a state judicial election.’  He also called Roggensack ‘beloved.’ 

The answer is simple, Grogan’s being petty. Apparently, Grogan is still upset that Roggensack endorsed her opponent in her 2021 race for WI court of appeals. 

Then to attack Jennifer Dorow’s experience is beyond comprehension. In her interview with Dan O’Donnell, Grogan said she should run for Appeals Court first because being a trial judge is not enough experience.

I find this rather hypocritical, as Grogan was ‘merely’ a Municipal Judge for less than a year before announcing her run for Appeals Court. Using her ‘logic,’ shouldn’t she have been a County Trial Judge first? Asking for a friend.

What makes this nonsense even worse, Grogan’s comments would also discount Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Annette Zeigler, who was elected to the WI Supreme Court as a Trial Judge. The same experience a Jennifer Dorow, and Zeigler has been excellent. Grogan’s ‘logic’ does not flow.

Clearly, Grogan is playing politics. She really needs to follow Justice Rebecca Bradley’s example. Bradley is publicly supporting Dan Kelly, and that’s ok. She has not stooped to the level of Grogan’s childish rants.

This does nothing but divide the Conservative base and damages the ultimate primary winner. And, as I’ve said before, this creates the real danger of suppressing the conservative vote so badly that the two Liberals advance. 

In a nutshell, Shelly Grogan needs to stop it…NOW! This is doing the conservative cause a great disservice by going negative. She should stick to the positive things about Dan Kelly, the negativity is completely unnecessary. This will destroy any chance of cohesion by the losing camp when moving into the general.

Both Dan Kelly and Jennifer Dorow are HIGHLY QUALIFIED to serve on the Supreme Court. While I am clearly supporting Jennifer Dorow, because the is an excellent choice and has the statewide appeal to win, I have absolutely no issue supporting Kelly should he win.  

That being said, I see that Jennifer Dorow is surging, and has the momentum to win and we would be better served if Kelly were to drop out. I surely hope he sees this sooner rather than later. The longer this primary goes, the more difficult the general election becomes.

I would like to take a moment and I would like to applaud the Dorow campaign and her thousands of surrogates for keeping it positive and not taking the negativity bait. O’Donnell did have Jennifer Dorow on his show to comment about Grogan’s rants, and I must say that she was absolutely phenomenal and stayed above the fray (listen below).

Dare I say it? She acted EXACTLY like someone worthy of being elected to Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.

GAME CHANGER: Retiring Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack Endorses Judge Jennifer Dorow

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Retiring Conservative Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack has endorsed Judge Jennifer Dorow for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Newstalk1130 Show Host Mark Belling broke the news on Twitter today

In a statement, Roggensack said Dorow ‘has been one of the most respected jurists in Wisconsin for many years… She is a leader amongst judges in our state.” Roggensack has been on the high court since 2003 and is a well-respected Conservative. Her term ends on July 31st.

Her endorsement further propels Dorow as the frontrunner against Justice Daniel Kelly. A couple of days ago, I called on Dan Kelly to drop out of the race because of Jennifer Dorow’s surging momentum.

Here is the full Dorow campaign Press Release:

Media Contact: Kathryn Wellner. 414-852-5277


Waukesha, Wis. (January 9, 2023) – Judge Jennifer Dorow’s campaign received a major boost from the woman she is seeking to succeed on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Retiring Justice Patience Drake (Pat) Roggensack announced today that she is endorsing Dorow to take her place on the state’s highest court. 

“Judge Dorow has been one of the most respected jurists in Wisconsin for many years,” said Justice Roggensack. “She is a leader amongst judges in our state. She has repeatedly ruled in ways that show her knowledge of the law and a fair and even-handed treatment of all. Judge Dorow knows the proper role of a judge is to say what the law is – not what it ought to be. I am confident Judge Dorow will make an excellent addition to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and she has my unequivocal support.” 

“As a working mom in the legal field, Justice Roggensack has really been a role model to me and so many other women. I’m honored beyond words to have her endorsement,” said Judge Jennifer Dorow. “Justice Roggensack has left an enduring legacy on the Court and the state of Wisconsin. Her commitment to the rule of law, the constitution and impartiality are qualities I will strive to emulate if I am given the honor of following in her very sizable footsteps.”

Justice Roggensack was elected to the Supreme Court in 2003 and re-elected in 2013. On May 1, 2015, she became the first justice chosen by members of the Court to serve as chief justice. She was re-elected to serve as chief justice in 2017, and 2019. She chose not to seek a fourth term as chief justice in 2021.  

Justice Roggensack joins Judge Dorow’s quickly growing list of impressive endorsements that include retired Justice Jon Wilcox, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Waukesha Police Chiefs Association, Fond du Lac County District Attorney and President of the Wisconsin District Attorney’s Association Eric Toney, and 33 bi-partisan Wisconsin sheriffs. 

For more information, please visit www.judgejennifer.com


Nomination Papers Show Jennifer Dorow with Energized Support, It’s Time for Dan Kelly to Drop Out

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There is no rest for the weary. Here we are, once again upon the threshold of another epically important political battle in the State of Wisconsin. Our final barrier against the radical left is the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and over the past several years, Conservatives have not fared very well in statewide elections.

Sure, we were able to save Ron Johnson against the national tide, but that was frighteningly close. The reality is we have to focus on building a ground game and quickly. Unfortunately, we are faced with yet another primary battle with two Liberals and two Conservatives facing off in February.

Having two Conservatives on the ballot, former Justice Daniel Kelly and Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow, creates a situation where there is a very real possibility the two Liberals could advance to the General election. Scarry, right?

I recently wrote an article calling Dan Kelly to task about going negative against Jennifer Dorow. In that article, I raised concerns about political miscalculations and suggested he drop out of the race. I stand by that and now I am even more concerned.

Nomination signatures were due on January 3rd at the Wisconsin Election Commission(WEC). 

Jennifer Dorow Delivered 3,736 signatures on December 19. Even after submitting, she received another 7,000 plus signatures and continued flowing in through the mail. A sure sign of the excitement and energy behind her candidacy.

Over the past several weeks I noticed the Kelly Campaign being rather quiet and I was curious. Late in the afternoon on January 3rd (the final day) I went to the WEC Website and looked at the late afternoon report. I was stunned, Dan Kelly had not yet submitted any signatures. 

What could this mean? It left me wondering if he indeed was dropping out. But then, whew, he did end up delivering 2,825 signatures at basically the 11th hour.

Wait, what? That’s right, an anemic 2,825 signatures in a race where momentum is key, and at the last minute. It is more proof that momentum is lost. Yes, he did meet the required threshold of 2,000, but this was surprising since he’s been running for months.

I hate to say it, but there is clearly not enough energy behind Dan Kelly. This lack of motivation will be excruciating and can be insurmountable for him. To add to my concern, Kelly’s campaign manager, Alex Walker, recently left the campaign to join the staff of Senator Julian Bradley. This is a troubling sign.

I have been saying for weeks now that Jennifer Dorow has the momentum and is the solid frontrunner. 

On a personal level, I think Dan Kelly is a great guy and was a solid Conservative Jurist. But, Jennifer Dorow has added much-needed energy to the race which gives her the edge against Kelly and against the Liberals. It’s just a fact.

What’s more, both remaining in the race is DANGEROUS. As I said, splitting the vote could create a situation where the two Liberals advance to the general, THIS WOULD BE A DISASTER FOR CONSERVATIVES.

Kelly could do the right thing for the conservative movement and step aside and endorse Dorow now.  Scott Walker did this for Mark Green in 2006 and it set him up to become Governor in 2010. 

If conservatives lose in April, EVERYTHING WE HAVE WORKED FOR WILL GO AWAY. Things like School Choice, Concealed Carry, Right to Work, Act 10, Voter ID, ALL GONE! This also makes the court the quasi-legislature for Tony Evers. 

We are now at that proverbial crossroads in the race for Supreme Court, and the time has come for Dan Kelly to do some serious soul-searching.

The Left has already been able to define him, and issues like Roe will haunt him as it did several Conservatives last November. Moreover, the left and many unions are already coalescing behind Milwaukee Circuit Judge Janet Protasiewicz. 

Dan Kelly has proven himself on the court and can fight another day; just not for this seat and not at this time. We must all UNITE with Jennifer Dorow to protect, literally everything.

Support our Schools Wauwatosa (SOS): WOKE Political Activists Disguised in a ‘non-Partisan’ Wrapper

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Ahhhhh, what a difference a few years makes. Unfortunately, when it comes to Support Our Schools Wauwatosa, that ‘difference’ has become so much worse. In a nutshell, beware of ANY group that incessantly pushes the ‘non-partisan’ label.

It seems like only yesterday when the conveniently ‘non-partisan’ parents group called SUpport Our Schools Wauwatosa began infesting nearly every school event and official Wauwatosa School email. 

It’s been several years since I have written about this group of extreme hyperpartisan political activists, so it’s important to introduce them and pull the curtain back for the new parents and taxpayers in the area.

I first noticed SOS Wauwatosa back in 2015 and after seeing they were too well organized to be a simple ‘non-partisan’ parents group, I decided to investigate them. My instincts were spot-on. I eventually wrote an expose on who they really were. They were very well funded, they had a professional website, nicely designed flyers, and hundreds of yard signs.

They even received an early infusion of cash from the Teacher’s Union and had the blessing of former Tosa Schools Superintendent, Phil Ertl. And if the union is involved, there is absolutely no way this group was ‘non-partisan.’

Support our Schools Wauwatosa was founded by hyperpartisan Liberal Democrat activist, Shawn Rolland and a merry band of fellow social justice warriors. At the time, the group was mainly focused on attacking former Governor Scott Walker and shaking the state down for even more public cash for public schools.

In fact, more cash from the public trough was their ONLY IDEA. They constantly pontificated about making sure schools were ‘fully funded.’ What the heck is that supposed to mean? By definition, schools would not be able to open if not ‘fully funded.’ Nothing but typical partisan hyperbole.

Of course, if they did not get the cash they wanted, the sky would fall and there would be no more arts programs, etc. You know, official Liberal talking point number 17. Ironically, the Republicans and Gov. Walker gave in and poured Millions more in state cash into public school coffers. Obviously, even if it had been Billions, that would not have been enough for Support Our Schools Wauwatosa!

Unfortunately, what was unknown at the time, was how extreme this well-funded group was. Yes, increased feeding time at the taxpayer trough was important, but that was not their endgame. Wauwatosa was in for a rude awakening.

Shawn Rolland and several from his merry band of social justice warriors eventually got their claws into the Wauwatosa School Board by getting elected. This gave these hyperpartisan WOKE extremists full control over that additional windfall of State cash. That’s when the real damage to Wauwatosa Schools began.

With Rolland in charge of the board and his minions in Support Our Schools Wauwatosa, they began using those dollars to infuse their extremist ideology into the curriculum. Then, still trying to satisfy their insatiable appetite for taxpayer cash, they even saddled Tosa taxpayers with a $125 Million (really $300 Million) school building referendum, under the guise of an ‘improved education environment.’ I am sure another referendum is coming soon, but I digress.

Over the years, after achieving maximum damage, Rolland left the board to pursue other interests at the public trough, Ertl was replaced by an even more extreme Demond Means, and extremists took over six of the seven School Board seats.

Recently, Support Our Schools Wauwatosa took a bit of a hiatus from their ‘non-partisan’ activism, but over the past several months have begun rearing their hyperpartisan heads in an effort to continue the indoctrination and grooming of Wauwatosa kids. Just like the mythical Hydra, you remove one head, and two more grow back.

Leading the charge is extremist WOKE Social Justice Warrior extraordinaire, “Dr.” Eric Jessup-Anger, Ph.D. He is so extreme, he makes Shawn Rolland look like Rush Limbaugh. Like I’ve said before, what more can you expect from a self-avowed ‘feminist’ beta male who hyphenates his name? Nuff said?

With the Wauwatosa School Board’s help, Tosa Schools have become a cesspool of extremist WOKE indoctrination and grooming by forcing things like the major tenants of Critical Race Theory (CRT), the WOKE transgender agenda and the extremely graphic sexual education for kids as young as Kindergarten. This is not an exaggeration and Support our Schools Wauwatosa supports it ALL and pushes the “Dr.” Eric Jessup-Anger, Ph.D. agenda.

Support our Schools Wauwatosa has changed its logo but is still the same wolf in sheep’s clothing they have always been and still possesses the same unrestricted access to school facilities. Why?

While their comments on their Facebook page state that no board members are in Support Our Schools Wauwatosa’s leadership, we all know the truth. They are focused on being the unofficial propaganda arm for “Dr.” Eric Jessup-Anger, Ph.D. and his Merry Band of WOKE Extremist Social Justice Warriors.

On top of that, Support Our Schools Wauwatosa blatantly lies that they ‘ALWAYS have been, funded by donations from individuals.’ Just look at the JSOnline article linked above where Rolland admits to the Teacher’s Union paying for signs.

SOS-Wauwatosa even has a link on the OFFICIAL Wauwatosa Schools Website, under the guise of being ‘non-partisan’.

Think about it, do you honestly think there is any possibility “Dr.” Eric Jessup-Anger, Ph.D. would allow a truly ‘non-partisan’ group to be on the Official Wauwatosa School Website, attend school functions, etc.? NOT A CHANCE!

I guarantee they will not be allowing any more right-leaning groups on the website, or to attend school events any time soon.

Support Our Schools Wauwatosa has used and mastered the art of the ‘non-partisan’ deception in order to help push its sick and twisted agenda of indoctrination and grooming for its six cronies on the Wauwatosa School Board.

They are now even pushing for limiting public comments at school board meetings, mainly to silence any dissent to their agenda. Hardly something a ‘non-partisan’ group would do, right?

Over the years the term, ‘non-partisan,’ has been abused by extremists to hide who they really are. Support Our Schools Wauwatosa is no different, it uses its ‘non-partisan’ disguise to get FULL ACCESS to Wauwatosa School Events and the School email list.

Unfortunately, since they have the blessing of their co-conspirators on School Board, many parents believe the rouse that they are truly ‘non-partisan.’

This is how they have been able to get away with EVERYTHING on their agenda, and they are not finished yet. Shawn Rolland’s wife is now running for School Board this Spring. They are looking to continue and solidify their extremist indoctrination of our kids.

Yes, the members of Support our Schools Wauwatosa have a protected right to free speech. They are free to support or promote what they want, but they need to stop lying about being ‘non-partisan’ in order to gain access.

Politics DOES NOT belong in public schools. All public schools should be ideologically neutral.

The truth is, SUPPORT OUR SCHOOLS WAUWATOSA IS ACTUALLY A HYPERPARTISAN POLITICAL group, and as such, should not be allowed to use Wauwatosa Public School property or attend school-sanctioned events or appear in school emails.

This is a call for ALL Wauwatosa School parents, and taxpayers to make your voices heard, before you lose your voices forever.

VIDEO: ‘Fight Club’ is in Full Swing at Tosa Schools, Leaving Parents wondering if Tosa Students are Safe

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Naturally, I am being factitious about the idea of Tosa’s ‘Fight Club’, but there may as well be one since it seems to be the rule rather than the exception. The frequency of fights and all-out brawls in Wauwatosa Schools this year is off the charts.

Sadly, this is not just in the Tosa high schools, the Middle Schools are also experiencing a major increase in brawls. How long before there’s a Kindergarten brawl? I’m not kidding.

This leaves parents wondering if their kids safe in Wauwatosa Schools. I am receiving stories of fights weekly, if not daily, and several parents are seriously considering moving.

Friday at the East-West Basketball game at Tosa East, yet another big fight broke out, involving several students. Here are a few videos:

Perhaps something could be done about student safety if School Board President, ‘Dr.’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD., Superintendent Demond Means, and their merry band of ‘WOKE’ Social Justice Warriors on the School Board were less concerned with teaching 3rd Graders about transgenderism, vibrators, and anal sex.

I wish I were exaggerating.

Clearly, they are losing total control because of their incessant focus on ‘WOKNESS’ programs and seem not to care one bit. All they care about is virtue signaling.

Ever since I started reporting about the Brawls in Tosa Schools in September, the only response we have gotten from ‘Dr.’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD., was that Tosa needs to ‘hire more social workers.’ I suppose in order to give the guilty students a firm talking to.’ How’s that working out?

I am still waiting for answers as to how many of these students were even suspended or expelled. Also unanswered, how many of these students are residents of Wauwatosa vs. open enrollment?

The parents and taxpayers in Wauwatosa had better start holding their city ‘leaders’ accountable or all will be lost forever. As I have said before, Wauwatosa Schools are becoming MPS West.

This Spring, Wauwatosa has the opportunity to get four grown-ups on the School Board to help Mike Meier, the lone voice of reason on the board. Let’s put the ‘WOKE’ members in the minority for the first time in years.

I only hope it’s not too late for Tosa Schools.

Mainstream Media Takes Shots at Jennifer Dorow by Completely Ignoring the Facts

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So it begins, the digging into thousands of Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Dorow’s decisions over the years.  Those on the Left, and disappointingly, many on the Right, will take anything out of context to take her down politically.

This is even more evidence that JENNIFER DOROW IS THE FRONT RUNNER in Wisconsin’s battle for Supreme Court.  Opponents don’t take shots at candidates in last place; they take aim at the one on top. 

Milwaukee’s WTMJ 4 released a story regarding a case where Judge Dorow sentenced a domestic abuse perpetrator to four months in jail for three misdemeanor charges related to domestic violence.  The court ordered the defendant to report to jail within two days to serve his time.  Unfortunately, the perpetrator traveled to Crete, Illinois, and assaulted his ex-wife’s parents, according to a Sheriff’s report.

The untold story?  In many misdemeanor cases throughout Wisconsin, it is common practice for defendants to be given future ‘report-in dates’ with regularity.  Some defendants do not report for their jail sentences for weeks at a time while waiting for a bed to become available.  

In the case cited by WTMJ, I do not contest the facts.  Read them for yourself.  The issue?  WTMJ fails to provide for you, the viewer, the entire context.  What WTMJ has failed to provide for you are similar reports related to the two other liberal circuit court judges in Milwaukee and Dane counties.  What WTMJ has failed to explain is that the standard practice is that future ‘report-in dates’ are commonplace in the criminal justice system, especially for misdemeanor offenses.  In some counties, offenders are sentenced to jail, only to later receive home detention on an electronic monitoring bracelet.  WTMJ neglected to mention that little tidbit as well in their attack piece on Judge Dorow.

Interestingly, WTMJ sets us up with an expectation:  That judges are somehow clairvoyant.  Reality check! Judges are not.  Truth is that no circuit court judge has a crystal ball to see the future.  Judges can only deal with the facts presented to them.  If the state fails to provide certain details to the court, or the defense demonstrates reliability on the part of a defendant, a circuit court judge must make the best decision based upon the information presented at the time of sentencing. 

In this particular case, while Judge Dorow gave him two more days to report to jail to serve a four-month sentence, the truth is that Judge Dorow gave this offender an onerous jail term.  As noted by former Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske, jail time is less common for first-time offenders and for misdemeanor convictions to begin with. 

Dorow responded to the story in the following manner:  ‘First off, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims for a speedy and full recovery.  (Editor’s Note: The defendant stabbed his mother-in-law and father-in-law before the father-in-law took the knife and stabbed the defendant 14 times.)  In this case, I sentenced Mr. Liu to jail despite it being his first offense.  It’s unfortunate he did not report to jail as ordered and instead went to Illinois.’

Reality is that Judge Jennifer Dorow has presided over literally thousands of cases.  Was she 100% perfect in all of them?  Of course not.  Every case demands an individualized approach.  Voters need to see more than a single case before drawing conclusions and submitting a full appraisal. 

In the case of the criminal justice system, there are always calculated risks.  Not every case is a no brainer like the Parade Killer.  Everyone (except maybe Mandela Barnes) agreed that his bail was way too low. However, not a single person could have conceived or predicted what he would do next.  No one.

In the highlighted case, who could have predicted what the perpetrator would do?  As a first-time offender, he received a 2-day ‘report-in date’, WTMJ also did not mention that the prosecutor dismissed and read-in five counts, including a felony stalking count and then recommended probation.  Furthermore, as an engineer with several character letters including his own employer, the defendant noticeably provided not an inkling of evidence that he would go rogue and re-attack the victim and her family members. 

What’s more?  The defendant will now have to deal with the wrath of Judge Dorow in the future because he received ‘withheld’ sentences where he must again re-appear in Judge Dorow’s court.  Will WTMJ be present to report on the maximum sentences that this offender will receive when he again faces the court eye to eye?

So, how will people react?  Perhaps, many will be misguided by these media attacks, playing directly into the hands of Judge Dorow’s opponents.  

What conclusions can we draw?  Well, first of all, if you dig deep enough, you’re simply going to find less than ‘ideal’ rulings out of any busy circuit court judge with years of experience like Judge Dorow.  I challenge you to find any judicial candidate with a flawless record.  Every Supreme Court candidate with real life experience and a judicial record have had to make calculated decisions.  It’s the nature of the job.  The most important thing is that we have judges with experience who have been in the trenches… folks who know what it’s like on the front lines.  

Secondly, when it comes to judicial races, it’s a sound judicial philosophy that is the key.  Liberals follow a squishy relativist ‘living constitutionalism’ philosophy which is known more for its incoherence and uncritical intellectual leniency than for sound, conservative, textualist conventions of interpreting constitutional law and statutes.

Another takeaway?  Well, ask yourself, what makes this Judge Dorow hit piece especially interesting?  I, for one, have never seen the left-wing mainstream medium, in this case—TMJ4, respond with such rabid rapidity to a story.  After all, the Left champions the idea of light sentences and low bail. 

Well, if you think about it, at least two things must be true.  

First is that the Left must be really scared of Judge Dorow.  The Left knows that she will crush either of their two loser candidates, IF (and only if) she makes it through the primary.  But, if the Left can get conservatives to jump ship early and often, then their liberal candidates will not have to face her.  That’s their hope and their ultimate end game.

Sadly, there is something else that is probably true.  It very well could be that the Left-wing media was fed the story from someone within our own Conservative ranks.  I am aware of a list of story angles being ‘shopped’ around by the opposition in an effort to create a false narrative and weaken Judge Dorow as the front-runner.  We saw this same playbook earlier this year, and unsurprisingly, the same cast of characters may well be involved.  Some Conservative candidates have a sense of entitlement…as well as a ‘how dare another candidate enter the race and challenge me’ mentality. 

Folks, it is time to set pride aside.  It is time to come together.  Stop the hyperbolic stories.  Focus on the task at hand:  Keeping Liberals from ruining the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

Folks, no pattern has been established. Judge Jennifer Dorow is not a ‘squishy’ judge.  She has a sound, conservative judicial philosophy.  We all saw how she handled one of the most contentious trials in recent memory… with skill and class.  Also, remember, were she less of a public servant, she would never have been re-elected twice in Waukesha County.  Neither would she have been selected to serve as the chief judge for the 2nd Judicial District.

Her judicial colleagues have faith in her.  She well deserves and merits our consideration, also.