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Wauwatosa Schools: a Cesspool of Extremism, Indoctrination, and Grooming

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What in the world happened to Wauwatosa Schools? The Wauwatosa School System is now effectively MPS-West. Gone are the days of Tosa being the go-to destination for young families to escape districts like MPS in order to get into the ‘better’ Tosa schools.

There was a time when Tosa Schools were in the top five of the state. Now they are lucky to be in the top 30 and falling quickly. They are now hub of left-wing indoctrination and a new hyper-sexual curriculum. I bet this makes Tony Evers very proud. More on that later.

So, how did we get to this point, and how do we stop other school districts from suffering the same fate? To put it simply, it was slow and methodical over the years and followed by a quick push over the edge.

I personally have more than 30 years invested in the Tosa School system, and I have seen the changes first-hand. 

In 1982, when I was in 8th grade, my family moved to Wisconsin, and we settled in Wauwatosa. I eventually graduated from Wauwatosa West. Like many people, I stayed for my first few years of adulthood, got married, and moved. Then, after having our first child, my wife and I made the same decision my parents made and moved back to Tosa. 

Tosa was well known as a great place to raise a family. It was growing, thriving, and very diverse. Politically, I loved the fact that it was deep purple. Liberals and Conservatives worked together, got along, and there was very little ideological tension. On top of all that, the schools were in the top tier in academic achievement. A selling point.

Fast forward several years, we were still in Tosa and all three of our children were in the Tosa School system. It was a great system where parents were involved, teachers taught, and the School Board actually listened to parents. Things were great. 

Of course, there was a strong Teacher’s Union presence, but it was not over the top. Or so I thought…They were quietly working behind the scenes to cram liberal agenda items like Common Core into the curriculum.

The tipping point seemed to be in 2008 with the election of Tony Evers as Wisconsin State Superintendent of schools, followed by the election of Governor Scott Walker in 2010. Walker and the Republican legislature proposed Act 10 and, according to the left, the ‘sky was going to fall!’ Some teachers were handing out union propaganda at parent/teacher conferences, while others were using school resources to make protest signs for the leftist insurrection in Madison.

Of course, I complained to the principal and the Tosa School Superintendent. They seemed responsive and that was mostly quashed. 

In 2015, something more sinister began to brew behind the scenes. We saw the emergence of a ‘non-partisan, concerned parents’ group called SOS-Wauwatosa. It turned out that it was a left-wing, hyper-partisan, an activist group that was hiding behind the ‘non-partisan’ label. The founders had signed the recall against Scott Walker. Need I say more?

I wrote an op-ed exposing them and they were not happy with me. 

Starting in 2016, the School Board seats started to move further and further to the left as one extremist activist after another was elected, under the guise of being ‘non-partisan.’ That’s when I noticed the seismic shift toward complete left-wing indoctrination. 

I’d be wrong to neglect the now infamous ‘$125 Million’ referendum ($300 Million+ real cost) that Tosa taxpayers got duped into supporting. Money for bricks instead of books. Incidentally, with today’s increasing interest rates, that cost could top $500 Million. But I digress.

The liberals on the school board shifted from merely begging for more money while suckling at the state government tit, to allocating preciously limited class time for the utter ideological indoctrination of our kids.

Suddenly the merry band of extreme leftist social justice warriors on the school board had a virtually unlimited pocketbook to pull from in order to begin to entrench their ideological indoctrination agenda. You didn’t really think that money was strictly going to pay for cool new buildings, did you? Buyer’s remorse? I dare say, I told you so!

This indoctrination started affecting younger and younger grades. In 2019, part of the 7th-grade class at Longfellow Middle School QUIETLY took a field trip to the LGBT Community Center. Huh? A field trip to a place based on sexual preference? Yes, this is a true story. I’m sure they won’t be going to the straight people community center anytime soon. But wait, it gets worse.

I had long suspected and complained about the covert creeping indoctrination and even wrote about it in previous articles, but in early 2020 I had proof. I received an anonymous tip from a Tosa School employee. 

They had talked about how the district championed the removal of the reading hour in 8th Grade, replacing it with an ‘Advisory Hour’ at both middle schools. It was touted as a time to ‘help’ students with their ‘socio-emotional’ learning.

Seriously? Why did they focus on socio-emotional learning when test scores had dropped by 10% since taking away reading hours? It’s not like reading is important or anything. Please forgive my sarcasm. Mind you they did not ask parents, because of course, the ‘professionals’ knew best. Sigh!

Initially the hour focused on things like anti-bullying programs and making sure our kids treat everyone with respect, etc. Noble things to be sure, but what came next made the REAL intent even more clear. 

Along with the anonymous letter, I received a printed copy of the 16-page LGBTQ PowerPoint for that advisory hour. That’s right–16 pages ‘instructing’ kids on how to act, talk to, and talk about, the LGBTQ ‘culture’. 

Simply put, indoctrination materials and propaganda for a specific political group are being FORCED down the throats of our kids. This was to be taught to 8th graders at both Whitman and Longfellow. That’s right, 8TH GRADE!

Of course, the left-wing social justice warriors will immediately call me a bigot and a homophobe for daring to question their ‘infinite’ wisdom. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s sad that I even must clarify this, as a Conservative with some Libertarian leanings, I have a ‘live and let live’ mentality. I don’t care who people sleep with. It’s not my business.

What I do care about, is kids as young as kindergartners being hyper-sexualized at such a young age, with so much detail when they don’t have the mental capacity to handle it. Schools are NOT the place for this. Especially when Wauwatosa Schools are falling behind on things that actually matter. Like reading. Like math. Like science.

What’s more, somebody removed the PowerPoint from the school’s Google drive after the ‘lesson’ was complete. Seriously, if it’s something so controversial that they felt they needed to remove any trace, should they have been teaching it to our kids in the first place?

In early 2021, with growing concern after a couple of years with the covert ideological ‘agenda’ that had been creeping into the Tosa school curriculum, I had to make a very difficult decision. 

You see, schools must be ideologically neutral and focus on teaching skills that kids will need in life, college, and the workforce. But in the case of Tosa, the school system had swung so far to the left that Mao would have been proud. At this point, my two oldest children had graduated, and I still had one left, a Freshman at Tosa East. I really wanted my son to finish in Tosa, just like his sisters before him. 

Then, to add insult to injury, then Superintendent, Phil Ertl, as a last effort to stick it to the taxpayers, approved spending close to one million dollars to hand out  $1,000 ‘hazard pay’ bonuses to teachers and staff. Why? Tosa teachers did not lose a dime in pay throughout the pandemic. This expense was on top of the recent referendum boondoggle which taxpayers were still reeling about

My son’s mom and I could not offset the permanent damage caused by this ideological indoctrination and wasteful spending. I was done, I immediately pulled my son out of Tosa East. I did not even wait for the semester to finish. The schools were becoming unsafe, academic performance declining, costs increasing, and moves that would surely entrench the leftist indoctrination agenda pushed by the merry band of social justice warriors on the school board. 

Tosa schools today are now unrecognizable from 2015. They have become a cesspool of ‘extremism, grooming, and indoctrination. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is now the rule and they are no longer stopping at middle school.

THE EXTREMIST SCHOOL BOARD IS NOW OUT IN THE OPEN and the curtain is pulled back for all to see, and they are now coming for our youngest…

To control what people think, you begin by controlling what they say.

Presently, the now solid 6-1 Tosa School Board is led by School Board President, ‘Dr.’ Eric Jessop-Anger, a self-avowed ‘male feminist’, UWM Professor, social justice warrior, and beta-male who hyphenates his name. Need I say more? 

Armed with a supermajority and unlimited money train, Jessop-Anger and his five other like-minded school board members set out to control minds from the youngest ages. They began by replacing the outgoing school superintendent with an extreme and compliant social justice warrior, Dr. Demond Means. 

Means is an extremist who literally got chased out of town by a former school system for his indoctrination agenda. A perfect person to implement the Tosa board’s extremist agenda.

After the most recent spring elections, Jessop-Anger and his 6-1 majority immediately set out to implement the Wisconsin Department of Education’s newly approved Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum, aka Human Growth and Development CSE hides behind the label of ‘Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs).

The 3Rs use lectures, classroom activities, slideshows, and role-playing games to ‘educate’ students. Thanks to the Tosa School Board decision on August 22, 2022, the 3Rs will be used in the Wauwatosa School District beginning this school year. , even though the teachers haven’t been trained, nor have all teaching positions been filled as of August.

Soliciting community feedback

Of course, as with any indoctrination program, the left wants to implement, they begin with a ‘parent survey.’ But this time it was rather telling how they went about it. The CSE was ‘proposed’ at an earlier board meeting, which set the nefarious actions into motion. 

In order to try to direct the survey results toward the end goal of implementation, they had to control the results. 

First, they worded the questions in such a way as to make CSE seem ‘harmless’ in an effort to soften the real ‘agenda.’  Here’s what the community was NOT told in the survey: The CSE program is designed to normalize child sex in order to deliberately desensitize children to sexual things. Some exercises give examples of children having sex and imply that many of their peers are sexually active. It even glamourizes sex, uses graphic materials to teach explicit sexual vocabulary and encourages discussion of sexual experiences, attractions, fantasies, or desires. As early as Kindergarten, it promotes affirmation of and/or exploration of diverse gender identities. 

It teaches children they can change their gender or identify as multiple genders or may present other unscientific and medically inaccurate gender theories. To stay true to the overall agenda, it fails to teach that most gender-confused children resolve their confusion by adulthood and that extreme gender confusion is still a mental health disorder (gender dysphoria) that can be helped with mental health treatment.

CSE deliberately encourages children to question their parents’ beliefs or their cultural or religious values regarding early sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. It may instruct children they have rights to confidentiality and privacy from their parents and gives access to sexual commodities or services, including abortion, without parental consent. Finally, in a very sneaky way, it encourages kids to not to tell their parents what they are being taught about sex in school. 

Parents and community residents were only allowed two weeks to research, review the curriculum, and take the survey. To make things worse, they broke up the survey into literally every grade level; effectively requiring 13+ surveys to be taken. This was all by design, after all, who had the time to take that many surveys? The fix was in.

Luckily the results came back overwhelmingly against the program. End of the story? 

Not quite. 

After all Jessop-Anger has the title of ‘Dr.’ at the front of his name, so he knows better than ordinary parents. He desperately wanted this program implemented and nothing would stop him. 

The school district immediately started to purge the survey results of ALL emails that were not on current school lists. Really? So basically, all of the Tosa taxpayers who did not have kids in the Wauwatosa School District but were still shelling out tax dollars for schools and the referendum were not allowed a say in the matter? 

What arrogance on display for the board to ignore them. Things that make you go hmmm. Why was Jessop-Anger and his merry band of social justice warriors so desperate to sexualize our youngest kids? 

Well, obviously the manipulation by the board members changed the results and got them closer to what they wanted. They had one last session of regulated public comment (not everyone was given a chance to speak), even though they had already made up their minds, to appease some of the citizens. 

Once the comments ended the board proceeded to discuss in an Oscar-worthy performance for the citizens. One glimmer of hope was the lone holdout, Mike Meier. He wanted to pause the decision until the late September meeting to formulate an alternative for parents who did not want to participate in the 3Rs. 

Of course, Superintendent Means objected because this ‘would delay implementation.’ And we all know he wanted to begin the indoctrination process immediately to have maximum effect. Then Jessop-Anger spoke and dared to call the CSE 3Rs program the ‘RADICAL MIDDLE’. Not even close, this is a page right out of ‘the Naked Communist. Look it up. It’s a blueprint from the 1950s of how Marxism would take over our society. This was not the radical middle, but in sync with the radical left.

Then came the vote. Not surprisingly, Mike Meir’s proposal failed 6-1. Then on the final vote, the best actor Oscar went to board member Leigh Ann Fraley, who had a dramatic pause when her name was called; as if to be reflective and on the fence. Hardly, as she has been a left-wing rubber stamp ever since getting on the board. She didn’t fool anyone with that performance. Once again, the vote was 6-1.

In other words, the board NEVER intended to consider the results of the survey, or consider the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Tosa taxpayers who objected to this garbage.

This is really no surprise, the board was just doing the bidding of Tony Evers anyway. Let’s remember, that Evers became State Superintendent of Schools in 2008, a decade before becoming Governor. Coincidence? Not at all. TONY EVERS HAS HIS NAME ON EVERYTHING! This is all by his design.

Alas, here we are with the Wauwatosa Public School system in a pile of metaphorical ashes after the extremists burned down everything that was built over the years and with one sinister August vote, changed everything. I am aware of several parents who are immediately pulling their kids out of the system. I am also aware of several teachers who have left the system because of indoctrination.

The system is nothing more than a hub of the Democrat party. Recently, current Lt. Governor and Senate Candidate Mandela Barnes filmed a campaign commercial inside of Wauwatosa West. Are they going to allow Ron Johnson to film a campaign commercial there? I doubt it. And that’s just one example of Tosa Schools showing Democrat party favoritism in an election year. But it doesn’t stop there. On opening day, democratic Lt. Governor candidate Sara Rodriquez was at Wauwatosa West shaking hands with teachers and staff and “welcoming” students.

Where do we go from here?

An exodus is happening, but really, where do Tosa Schools go from here? What recourse do Tosa residents have? I’ll be honest, this will literally take years to repair the damage and get Tosa Schools back to the center. At the same time, other systems in the state are falling victim to this extremism.

First things first, we need to elect Tim Michels as Governor in November. If we do not have the catalyst for change at the state level, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. He is on record supporting Universal School Choice. 

That is a start, but more needs to happen. Governor Michels, along with a Republican legislature can completely overhaul the State Superintendent’s office and how the state allocates revenue sharing to schools. Districts like Wauwatosa can be forced to change directions when part of their funding is withheld.

At the local level, there are board seats up for re-election this coming April; PRIMARY THEM! Then there is always the possibility of recall. Those can be tricky unless there is a lot of funding and support. Remember, state law requires a person to be in office for at least a year before recalling. And in Tosa, consider making the school board seats aligned with a “district” similar to common council seats. All but one school board seat is held by a member of the “west” side. The rest are from a more liberal east Tosa.

As parents, knowing this will all take time to fix, I fear the best thing you can do for your kids is to consider removing them from public schools. Now, the system is failing and will only get much worse. There are options, from Choice, Private, Home School, online, etc. 

Also, start talking to parents in other districts. Make them aware so they don’t become like MPS West, I mean, like Wauwatosa Schools.

Remember, you do have resources and parents from all over the state who are willing to help and spread the word. You are not alone. 

There is a lot of work to do to stop this insanity in our schools, and this starts with you. WE CANNOT BE COMPLACENT. Let’s continue winning back school board seats, one by one. Above all, remain in the fight–they cannot silence us all.

Where’s Rebecca?

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Here we are about a month past the August 9th primary where Republican Governor candiate, Tim Michels decisively beat challenger Rebecca Keefisch. On election night, Rebecca very gracefully conceded the election to Tim Michels and gave a great concession speech.

She gracefully congratulated Michels and encouraged everyone to support him. But ever since election night, we have gotten nothing but crickets.

Naturally, after such a hard-fought primary battle, it’s no surprise that Rebecca likely needed some time to regroup. That’s completely understandable. 

But now the time has come to get out and openly support Tim Michels. She doesn’t have to be out there campaigning every weekend; social media works wonders.  She could encourage her donors to contribute to Michels, and her grassroots supporters to help Michels. She can talk about how bad another four years of Tony Evers would be.

It’s now about a month since the primary, and still, NOTHING from Kleefisch. Why? Is it sour grapes? Kleefisch has worked hard to recruit and support GOP candidates for years, so what’ taking so long for a visible sign of support for Michels? The latest polls show Michels neck and neck with Evers, an excellent position to be in this early in the race.

To his credit, even Rebecca’s friend and biggest supporter, Governor Scott Walker, has been loudly and consistently out there supporting Michels on social media, etc. And her campaign chairman, Scott Neitzel, was at the 53rd annual Chicken Burn and told a reporter he supports Tim Michels. 

Also, WMC, the tavern league, and the Milwaukee and Kenosha police associations who all endorsed Kleefisch early on, have now all endorsed Tim Michels.

Yesterday, even independent Conservative Candidate Joan Ellis Beglinger suspended her campaign and has backed Tim Michels. She stated, ‘Our path has changed; our objectives have not.’ Beglinger was polling at 7% and does not want Evers to win.

Perhaps Rebecca Kleefisch can follow Beglinger’s lead to be pragmatic and support the ONLY PATH FORWARD to accomplish anything she campaigned on the past few years.  Tim Michels is literally the ONLY way go get any of the conservative agenda accomplished.

It’s past time to step up. This silence has not gone unnoticed. But there’s still time to make a difference.

There are still several diehard Kleefisch supporters who are just waiting for Rebecca to lead and pave the way. We know she cares about Wisconsin, why else would she have worked so hard? Rebecca should immediately call Tim Michels and help him defeat Tony Evers and save our state and solve the problems she campaigned on like universal school choice, firing low bail DA’s , etc

As I have said before, NOTHING justifies allowing another four years of Tony Evers, NOTHING! It’s time to get back into the fight, Wisconsin and your supporters need you.

Independent WI Governor Candidate, Joan Ellis Beglinger, Suspends Campaign and Endorses Tim Michels

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Independent Conservative Governor candidate, Joan Ellis Beglinger announced that she has suspended her campaign and has endorsed Tim Michels. In a recent Marquette poll, she was pulling about 7%.

She announced her suspension in the following email:


The extent of the corruption in our politics may be the most important lesson from my many months as a candidate for governor. It’s a very serious threat to our freedom. With the election just around the corner, I’m announcing a change in my campaign that will be published in the September/October issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors, online now at onwisconsinoutdoors.com, and distributed throughout the state in the coming week. The OWO article is printed in its entirety below:

Vote for Tim Michels and Ron Johnson

Our Path Has Changed. Our Objectives Have Not.

Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes are tools of a Democratic Party that is pushing a radical agenda and eroding our freedom faster than any of us would have believed possible. They must be defeated in the November election.

Tim Michels and I are not politicians and we both have extensive backgrounds in executive leadership in the private sector. Tim entered the race late, secured President Trump’s endorsement and won the Republican Primary. This dramatically changed the election landscape. With just two months to go, I am in my first poll and the media, who’ve ignored me for well over a year, are suddenly interested. They will try to use me to re-elect Tony Evers and I am not going to allow that to happen. This leads me to the only decision that makes sense, given the choices now facing the voters and the enormous threats we face. I am going to do what I can to help Tim Michels and Ron Johnson defeat Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes.

Our elections depend on the voters’ ability to make honest, side-by-side comparisons of their candidate choices. It’s been clear throughout the entire 17 months I’ve been a candidate, that the media, pollsters, and political parties work in concert to control the information voters have. Wisconsin voters must understand this as we continue the battle to reclaim our government.

Our path has changed; our objectives have not. Now more than ever, it’s going to take all of us to expose and eradicate the corruption in our politics and restore our government to one that works for us.

Last week I contacted Tim Michels. We sat down face to face and I told him what I was going to do and why. This is a change in direction but far from the end of the line. My voice will remain clear and strong and I remain totally invested in the work we must do. Please join me in taking back our state.

Republican Identity Crisis and the Cancel Culture Within; is Resistance Futile? 

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The biggest point the 2022 Wisconsin Republican primaries made clear was Republicans in Wisconsin fight hard and play to win.  That’s a good thing provided we all come together to support the ultimate primary winners.  As a result of our competitiveness, our candidates are now battle-tested for the general election – another good thing.  Democrats handed their U.S. Senate nomination to Mandela Barnes with no resistance, while Tony Evers spent the summer passing and spending of our Federal monies. 

They say time heals all wounds.  

On the Republican side, most are coming together in the common cause of re-electing Ron Johnson and electing our statewide ticket of Tim Michels, Roger Roth, Eric Toney, etc.  Sadly, a couple of weeks later, there is still some pushback.

There are some Conservatives who have become much more unyielding and entrenched in their beliefs because not everyone rallied around the same candidate they supported in the primary.  Honestly, that’s wasted energy better spent defeating Mandela Barnes, Tony Evers, and Josh Kaul. 

Just like we saw in 2016 with then-candidate Donald Trump, there were those who were of ‘pure Conservative’ thought who felt they knew better than the rest of us. If you did not think as they did, you were chastised and canceled. Trump was not ‘perfection’ in their eyes. More on this later.

Of course, we have come to expect this from the Democrats, while they are always pontificating about how ‘diverse’ they are and how ‘big’ their metaphorical tent is; we all know the truth.

Their collective mentality reminds me of ‘the Borg’ from Star Trek fame. Just like that fictional alien collective from the TV series, the Democrats operate as a hive and only share one collective thought. There are no individuals. Anyone who dares to disagree with the collective is chastised, banished, and canceled. 

Just look at what Hillary Clinton and DNC leadership did to Bernie Sanders a few years ago or more recently with Joe Manchin and Kirstin Sinema when they blocked some of the extremist Biden agenda. Gone are the days of Conservative-leaning Democrats like JFK.

In reality, the Republicans are truly the big tent party. There are countless varying degrees of Conservative thoughts and ideas. We have the evangelical Christians, the mainstream Republicans, the Tea Party, and even some Liberal Republicans, and let’s not forget some of the Libertarians as well. 

Some are focused on social issues while others concentrate on fiscal issues, but even with these differences, the factions would typically unite with the one goal: beating the Democrats. When we did unite, we won.

Unfortunately, many Conservatives seemed to have learned some lessons from the Democrats. Today we have a movement by some ‘Pure Conservatives’ to ‘purge’ the party of people they consider ‘RINOS’ or supporting the ‘wrong’ Conservative in primaries, etc. This behavior effectively mirrors the Democrats with their own Conservative version of ‘the Borg.’ One collective mentality, hard right, State Republican Party leadership direction, or bust. Conservative ‘perfection’. Resistance is futile, DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, or else. Sound familiar?   

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how Cancel Culture and echo chambers are where democracy goes to die. I then talked about how we must re-engage in civil discourse with others, even with those who may disagree with us on the Democrat side. 

Unfortunately, in that article, I neglected to talk about the canceling that is going on right under our noses within Conservative ranks. Trying to make someone or something seem small, doesn’t make you bigger. 

Cancel culture on steroids.

One recent glaring example of this cancel culture is how different conservatives are reacting to the investigation into the now known, nefarious activities that Democrats engaged in during the 2020 election. 

That election had things happen which NEVER happened in an election before.  Things like Drop boxes, Madison and Milwaukee clerks telling people they could mark themselves indefinitely confined, keeping special voting deputies (SVD’s) out of nursing homes, pouring almost $9 million in private money into 5 democratic cities, and of course the ballot harvesting in the park scheme. 

These clearly illegal activities ALL HAPPENED. In spite of that, never-Trumpers and many in ‘elitist’ Republican leadership want to ‘move on’ as if nothing happened. And if you dare to think differently from the elite Republican ‘collective,’ your ideas are labeled as  ‘conspiracy theories’ and canceled. 

It’s not fair to call these things conspiracy theories when we know this ALL HAPPENED; it literally put the 2020 election outside the law. And, in the midst of all that ‘collective’ bashing of the people who want answers, those nefarious systems are largely still in place.

What a sad tribute to our tawdry, self-indulgent times.

Of course, there are varying degrees of how far we can or should go regarding the 2020 election, but MOST agree we need to stop this going forward lest we lose again under the same questionable means. 

“If the right to vote is to have any meaning at all, elections must be conducted according to law. Throughout history, tyrants have claimed electoral victory via elections conducted in violation of governing law.” -Justice Rebecca Bradley

They aren’t mad at you because you have an opinion; they are mad at you because you don’t share their opinion.

Of course, we saw this in the governor’s primary as well. Many circled the proverbial wagons around their selected candidate. Many in some camps loudly stated that if their candidate didn’t win, they would not support the winner. Many were literally canceling each other. 

Competitiveness and passion are great.  We need as much of that as possible to win in November. But we need that competitiveness and passion focused on the right targets – the Democrats.

Well, the primary is now over, and Tim Michels prevailed, and it was decisive. Michels had a strong, compelling message; a sneaky good ground game in SE Wisconsin and the Fox Valley; and enough money to get his message out and build his grassroots support and network.  

While most conservatives are acting like grown-ups and have rallied to support Michels, there are still factions from other camps who, like spoiled children, are taking their marbles and going home. One former candidate who lost by double digits is now saying the primary was ‘stolen.’ Huh? Luckily it is only a small group trying to create this drama out of thin air. 

Not all collective thought is wrong and I do believe there are times when the collective must prevail. Obviously, we should ALL want to ‘collectively’ retire Tony Evers. At this moment, Tim Michels is literally the ONLY way we can do it and affect most, if not all, the change we all want to accomplish. Allowing another four years of Evers ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING.

This collective cancel culture mentality is playing right into the Democrats’ hands. We are divided and they are waiting to strike. Only with a unified front can we prevail. Nothing matters if we do not win.

Remember the 2012 Presidential election? Too many Republicans stayed home in 2012 because Mitt Romney was not a ‘perfect Conservative.’  The perfectionists wanted to prove a point. Well, this ‘proving a point’ handed Obama another four years on a silver platter. Did the ends justify the means? No!

This almost happened in 2016 with the ‘never-Trump’ movement. Luckily, their collective mentality failed, the grown-ups won, and Trump made history by becoming one of the most influential Presidents in modern U.S. history. 

Sadly, in 2020, regardless of the nefarious activities of the Democrats, the never-Trumpers made a deeper impact and the quest for ‘conservative perfection’ gave us Joe Biden.

Do you think that just because the legislature will likely remain in Republican control it’s ok to lose the Governor or even the Attorney General race? We’ll get ‘em next time? 

WRONG! Just look at how much damage Tony Evers has done…WITH FULL REPUBLICAN CONTROL OF THE LEGISLATURE! The ends DO NOT justify the means.   Are you really willing to let your dislike of other people and people’s opinions and candidates force you to stay home and allow the extreme left to get deeper entrenched? All to show how ‘principled’ you are and to ‘prove a childish point?’ This isn’t just principles, but you’ll be canceling all of Wisconsin and maybe the country. 

Like I’ve said before, you will have your ‘principles,’ but you’ll be ‘principled’ while standing in the soup line.

What we need now is to take a deep breath and search our ‘collective’ hearts. We need to stop focusing on all the petty differences and focus on the important things. Certainly, those differences will remain, but there is common ground. Historically, Republicans ALWAYS win fiscal battles–that is our starting point. Besides, if we do not tackle the fiscal mess, we are all done anyway.

At the same time, we MUST begin to turn the tide on the culture war, the battle for our education system, and the battle for fixing our justice system. Focusing on stuff like this also will also mobilize the Trump/Reagan Democrats back to the fold. NONE OF THIS HAPPENS WITH DEMOCRATS IN CHARGE. 

Now the real fight is well underway. We will have enough work fighting off the Democrat collective, we don’t need to be fighting off our own. There is much more at stake than just the Governor’s Mansion. The U.S. Senate lies in the balance, as does the Attorney General’s office. So suck it up.

We can win big, not just squeak by with 50%. We have done it before, we can do it again. This is who we are, this is our identity. We must resist acting like the Democrat collective and not become the Borg? Choose wisely, and STOP CANCELLING EACH OTHER! We have important work to do.

Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul, these names alone should be enough to get you to the polls.

Making Lemonade: Record turnout, the New Era, the End of the Walker Machine, and What’s Next

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‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’

The 2022 primary elections will go down in history as one of the most unexpected primary election seasons since Lee Sherman Dreyfus came out of nowhere and won his primary. Here are my takeaways and in order to avoid knee-jerk reactions I decided to reflect a few days before writing.

THIS IS NOT A SPIKING OF THE BALL, as that’s just not my style. This is just my heartfelt analysis.

Let me begin by saying thank you to Rebecca Kleefisch for putting herself out there and working her tail off over the past couple of years. I am certain there is not an inch of road she did not touch on her journey. And, she raised a record amount of money for a non-incumbent statewide candidate.  That’s impressive! Yes, I did not support her this year, but I can still respect and give credit for her hard work. 

While she did not prevail on Tuesday, I am certain she’s not going anywhere. I watched her concession speech the other night and she was quite sincere and graceful. 

30,000 votes.

A few articles ago I reminded people that during the 2012 recall election, Kleefisch received 30,000 less votes than Walker did. I said it could be a factor, turns out that I was correct. Tim Michels won by more than 30,000 votes. I’m just glad that factor will not be an issue in November.  Michels win was decisive.   

In my opinion, Wisconsin’s Republicans made the right choice for Governor. Clearly Tim Michels made his case and that connected with voters. Some say Michels won based solely on his financial advantage over Kleefisch.  That’s wrong. 

His  message of being a non-politician, outsider, veteran, and successful businessman connected with voters; he had an amazing statewide grassroots field organization which produced wins in every media market including Milwaukee, he won 62 out of 72 counties; and he had the personal financial resources to quickly fund his message and organization.  Oh, and he was endorsed by Donald Trump. That was ‘yuge!’ 

He was a fresh face to Wisconsin politics with a plan to move beyond just fixing, but to effect real change. He was able to connect to every type of conservative; Republican, Evangelical, blue collar Reagan Democrats, etc. Not just the traditional base.

It was surprising to see the RECORD TURNOUT (700,000+) and how significantly the vote map had changed. Michels made major inroads in SE Wisconsin. This is a good sign, and more proof that he’s different. On top of that, he will not be carrying the perceived Walker baggage. This will be a different cycle for sure.

And, kudos to his campaign team who had little to no time to ramp up and fully develop a campaign network, get a ground game going, and achieve name recognition for a candidate who had not been a recognizable name in nearly two decades. 

Clearly, the Michels team was given a big bag of lemons and they were able to make one amazing batch of lemonade! Congratulations! 

“I don’t say these things because I believe in the ‘brute’ nature of men or that men must be brutalized to be combative. I believe in God, and I believe in human decency. But I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour — his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear — is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”

– Coach Vincent T. Lombardi, Green Bay Packers

Now it is time to unite the party.  I look forward seeing Tim Michels, Becky and Tim Ramthun on the trail together.  Kevin Nicholson is also welcome. I think the grassroots would love it, and, frankly, they need to see it. 

The Trump Factor

Of course, lemonade was a subtle reference to Donald Trump’s first episode of ‘the Apprentice’ where he made the contestants compete by selling lemonade. Donald Trump has been and is still an incredible force and not to be discounted. His successful endorsement track record is unprecedented. 

In fact it was so strong that Adam Steen, a political unknown, was almost able to unseat Assembly speaker Robin Vos, a 9 term professional politician. It is noteworthy because only 262 votes separated the two candidates. Message sent, but will Vos hear it? Probably not, but that’s another article.

The Trump bump has been consistently 6-8%. I’d be lying if I were to say the FBI raid on Mara Lago was not a factor. I’m certain there will me more. Brace yourselves. In the end the Trump bump should help us all in November.

The Scott Walker Machine and the Madison Establishment

One gigantic takeaway from the results is that we have witnessed the end of the Walker political machine. It was already damaged after his failed presidential run in 2015/16. The lack of any major action in his final term was a big factor in the 2018 loss to Tony Evers. Wisconsin did not forget.

I believe Walker saw the Kleefisch run as a way to vindicate himself and gain political favor once again. While, Rebecca was quite capable of standing on her own, I’ve seen it, she chose to basically run as a 3rd Walker term. Because of this, I believe Walker likely damaged Kleefisch’s efforts because she failed to emerge out of Walker’s shadow. 

It was plain to see that Walker was no longer the political force he was a few years ago. Rebecca only received a meager 2% bump in the polls. It was also bad for Walker endorsed candidates down ballot.

Several Walker Endorsed candidates like Milwaukee County Chairman David Karst, who received a resounding spanking from Challenger Bob Donovan. 

Yes, Scott Walker did some great things for Wisconsin, that cannot be denied, but it is now time to move beyond. The primary voters reinforced this.Total proof; THE WALKER ERA IS OVER.

As for the establishment, they had a mediocre night. The perceived Establishment candidates, Adam Jarchow, Patrick Testin, and Orlando Owens did not prevail. The only statewide race they won was for Secretary of State. Times are changing. 

The biggest loser.

The biggest losers, of course, were all of the pollsters. They were ALL way off. I think polling firms need to scrap and start over. They were all about 5% off. We have ben seeing this phenomenon since the 2016 election of President Trump. Trump was always out performing the polls 5-8%, the same seems to be holding true to candidates he endorses.

What’s next?

Well, here we are, the stage is set. While I am absolutely thrilled that Tim Michels prevailed, because I supported him in the primary, I recognize that this means nothing in the grand scheme of things. This is merely our Omaha Beach, we still have to climb that hill while being shelled from every direction, including some of our own. We merely gained a few inches when we have hundreds of miles to go in order to win.

I will say this only once, TONY EVERS WILL NOT BE EASY TO BEAT! Remember? Evers literally came from the bottom of the barrel of Democrat candidates. He was ‘very beatable’ in 2018 and he still won.

A good friend of mine reminded me of the unquestionable victory we had in the 2012 Recall. That was ONLY POSSIBLE with a UNITED front. The primary is over. The time for licking wounds is over. IGNORE THE NOISE, it is just noise after all.

Also, the time for preaching to the choir is over. The choir alone will not deliver victory. Tim Michels and Ron Johnson need to connect with voters beyond traditional Republican circles. Trump and Reagan proved it could be done. WE NEED TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

NOW THE REAL WORK BEGINS and it doesn’t end in November. 

WE MUST: Step 1: Reclaim Wisconsin. Step 2: Save Senator Ron Johnson and build a Senate Majority. Step 3: Solidify the WI Supreme Court in April. Step 4: The White House and Tammy Baldwin. Step 5: Repeat!

The extreme left never sleeps, and neither do vampires. Wait! What? What an odd coincidence.

All joking aside. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO SLEEP, this is ongoing. Are you ready? I am looking forward to ‘laying exhausted on the field of battle – VICTORIOUS!’, and with a nice tall glass of lemonade. Onward Wisconsin!

BREAKING: Madison Businessman, Eric Hovde Makes Statement About FBI Raid on Trump Home

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Today, Madison Businessman and former Republican Senate Candidate, Eric Hovde, issued a very direct statement regarding the FBI raid of the Mara Lago home of former President Donald J. Trump. It’s nice to see Conservative leaders across the state making their voices heard loud and clear:

‘The Justice Department and FBI’s raid of former President Trump’s home is unprecedented in American history.

To see the FBI using assault weapons and ransacking a former President’s home should be completely unacceptable to every American regardless of one’s political leanings. The abuse of federal law enforcement to intimidate political opponents and try to prevent a former President from running for office again is a dangerous trend to our democracy.

These are the tactics used in banana republics and should not be allowed to take place in America. If the DOJ and FBI do not provide a concrete and legitimate reason for this raid and the need to have weapons present, then Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray should immediately resign or be impeached!’

-Eric Hovde

Holding Out for a Hero, So We Can Retire the Zero

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Here we are on the threshold of another watershed election year and Wisconsin is, once again, right in the thick of it. Republican Senator Ron Johnson is up for reelection and is the number one target of Democrats across the country. On the other hand, Democrat Governor Tony Evers is up for reelection and the Republicans have a primary battle that will decide who will challenge Evers.

Luckily, Senator Johnson has near unanimous support amongst Wisconsin conservatives, so that’s an easy decision. Attend any GOP function and Johnson is easily the most popular political figure there. 

Unfortunately, the governor’s race has not been so easy because of its fluidity. I want to talk about my journey how and how I arrived to my choice for Wisconsin Governor. I am not writing this to stroke my own ego, but I am certain others have had similar journeys and may still be on the fence. I am simply offering another perspective and perhaps I can offer an infusion of clarity.

First, let me be crystal clear, I am NOT supporting Rebecca Kleefisch for governor. This weas not a quick or easy decision and took a lot of reflection. This has led to the several articles I have written that are critical of the Walker/Kleefisch Administration and critical of Kleefisch and her campaign of ‘inevitability and entitlement,’ and recently, deception.

I am bothered by how she incessantly calls herself the ‘Proven and Tested Conservative.’ Seriously? How can she be proven and tested when she’s NEVER TAKEN A VOTE ON ANY LEGISLATION? *Sigh

Luckily, Kevin Nicholson, Timothy Ramthun, and later Tim Michels, did not drink ‘inevitability’ Kool-Aid and entered the race, against her wishes.  More on that later.

How did I get to this point?

My journey started during the Walker/Kleefisch years and how the earlier reforms seemed to stop, and Wisconsin no longer looked like a priority to the Administration. I was frustrated at the constant missed opportunities like universal school choice, reducing the state income tax, constitutional carry, eliminating minimum Mark-up, etc. We simply stopped leading while Governor Walker had his eye on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

And then there was the albatross of massive school spending increases that all but washed away the Act 10 success. On top of that, the Administration had to basically be forced to sign Right to Work and Prevailing wage.  I’ve posted proof on this in previous columns.  Walker wanted union support in 2010, 2012 and 2014, but flushed their support when he wanted to be President. 

Since the conservative train came to a complete stop, the base was no longer motivated and Walker/Kleefisch lost to the most bottom of the barrel Democrat in the history of Wisconsin. If Walker/Kleefisch had continued to boldly lead Wisconsin, the pot referenda in multiple major counties in 2018 would have had no impact.  The fact is, there was enough Walker fatigue that Tony Evers was able to beat them. And quite noticeably, Becky doesn’t talk about this very important loss on the campaign trail.  Not surprising why. 

Since that loss in 2018, Kleefisch had been busy setting up her future governor run and started to line up supporters across the state. A shrewd move to be sure. Even though I was not excited about the prospect, I was paying attention. I started hearing rumblings that Madison insiders were going to make the idea of ‘Rebecca’s inevitability’ to scare anyone else from running. Speaker Robin Vos went as far as to say there should not be a primary and that Kleefisch ‘had earned’ the nomination.  Really?

Oddly enough, Robin Vos’s endorsement is STILL missing from her public list.

Of course, Kleefisch was doing anything she could to derail Nicholson, their biggest threat at the time.  Nicholson was demonized by Kleefisch, and Scott Walker worked to strong-arm donors into not giving Nicholson any money. 

The ‘fix’ was in, and Marquette Law Polling eventually had Rebecca leading the pack at 32%, Nicholson at 10%, and Ramthun at 3%. But wait, WHAT? After campaigning for over three years, Kleefisch was only at an anemic 32%? Clearly nobody was motivating the base. I was one of them and clearly, I was not alone.

Here we were with three flawed conservative candidates, to choose from. Kleefisch had her Walker Administration and entitlement baggage. Nicholson was still holding some political baggage from 2018 and I feared that the base would not show up for him in November. Finally, Ramthun, who is very likable and smart, would likely be ‘too Conservative’ to win in a purple state like Wisconsin. 

On top of that, they would ALL be FLAT BROKE AFTER THE PRIMARY! Sound familiar? Remember Tommy Thompson 2012 and Leah Vukmir 2018? All would come up short in the general election because they would use all their resources to win the primary and received little to no help from WISGOP.

Enter the non-Politician

Desperately hoping that a viable candidate would enter the race, I basically decided to sit out the primary and just support the winner in November against Evers.  

Then in April, Tim Michels entered the race for Governor. At that moment, us undecideds had another option, an option who had not been in the political fray for nearly two decades. Kleefisch immediately turned her turrets away from Nicholson and immediately toward Michels. This was a sign they were seeing ‘inevitability’ slip away and they needed to react. 

The Michels entry into the race ultimately lead to Kevin Nicholson suspending his campaign because he could not compete with the Michels money and the fact that Kleefisch was able to control the big Wisconsin donors and a majority of Wisconsin ’Snakes & Weasels’. 

The money factor

Let’s get the most important elephant out of the room first. Tim Michels is an unapologetic successful businessman and is the ONLY candidate who has the personal resources to continue the battle through the general election. He can compete against the tsunami of Democrat money that is pouring into Wisconsin as we speak.  

As of this writing, the Kleefisch campaign only has about $640k left. This is a very precarious position to be in.

However, money is only part of the equation and even having a lot of money must be tempered with common sense.

Money is important, but alone does not win elections; otherwise, we would have had Michael Bloomberg taking on President Trump in 2020, and the Democrat Senate nominee in Wisconsin would be Alex Lasry.  If there is no substance, the money does not matter.

Turns out, Tim Michaels has plenty of substance. 

In 2004 Michels had run for US Senate and unfortunately lost to a very popular Russ Feingold in a Presidential year., but he claimed the record for most votes ever for a Republican in Wisconsin History; a record he held until 2012. Clearly he had substance. Incidentally the Walker/Kleefisch team never rose to that level of votes except in the 2012 Recall. 

‘To measure the value of a man, simply count his friends.’

By now, everyone knows that Tim Michels earned the endorsement of President Trump, and judging from the Trump endorsement record, he usually picks a winner. This endorsement immediately brought Kleefisch’s polling numbers down 6% and put Michels 1% ahead of her in a statistical tie. This surge from the non-politician, who had only been campaigning for a few short weeks, was incredibly telling. Many voters who were merely picking Kleefisch as a fallback now had someone worth supporting. Why? SUBSTANCE!

While most endorsements do not move the needle much, if at all, it is notable that Michels also earned the endorsement of Governor Tommy Thompson, arguably more popular than Scott Walker. He also earned the endorsement of Businesswoman and Conservative mega-donor, Diane Hendricks and many others. 

Speaking of endorsements, MOST of the Kleefisch endorsements came long before she had opponents, including law enforcement.  Is she really ‘law enforcement’s choice.’ Hard to say at this point. And let’s not forget her disastrous, knee-jerk, anti-cop, reaction to the Jacob Blake situation, more in line with Tony Evers than Republicans.

On the issues

All three candidates are Conservatives and have similar ideas. All support Universal School Choice, all support lower taxes, all are unapologetically pro-life. There is very little to differentiate them on issues. But there is a difference on approach.

Tim is passionately supportive of Universal School Choice. Have the money follow the student and spearhead competition. It will be one of his main priorities. He understands that we cannot just simply throw money at the problem and hope for success; that is the mentality that got us into trouble today and in the previous administration.

Tim is very supportive of our law enforcement.  He has been very vocal about restoring the public image of law enforcement to encourage more men and women to want to join the force. Wisconsin cities have hundreds, if not thousands of openings and nobody is applying. The negative image has change before we will get even close to adding the ‘1000 cops’ that Kleefisch has proposed.

Tim wants to fix our severely broken criminal justice system. He has said he will fire any district attorneys, like Milwaukee DA, John Chisholm, who allow for ridiculously low bail allowing criminals back on the streets. Kleefisch also talks about firing Chisholm, but he’s been a light bail DA for over 15 years, why didn’t her team fire him when they had the power to do it? It’s not like he just became bad under Evers (shrug).

I can go on and on talking about issues and the differences in approach, but let’s get to the meat of the matter. What puts Michels ahead of the pack? Easy, it is what Wisconsin can do with Tim Michels as governor.

Tim is NOT A POLITICIAN; he did not live his life in preparation for political office. He is not the ‘ultimate debater’ who has the exact right answer for every question all the time. Yes, he does slip up from time to time. Remember? Not a professional politician. 

Besides, it’s not like Tony Evers is a master orator and debater. Tim will do fine. And let’s face it, Scott Walker was an incredibly seasoned politician and still managed to lose to Evers. It’s time to do something different.

Tim Michels is a businessman, and damn good at it. Why does that matter? As we saw with President Trump, being in business helped Trump act, instead of just talk. This allowed the United States to thrive like never before. Tim can take his decades of business experience and apply it to Wisconsin government. 

Tim Michels fulfills many ideals that people look for in a Governor.  He is a veteran who served our country as an Army Ranger; he is an executive of a company that employs over 8000 people nationwide and 3500 right here in Wisconsin.

As he has already shown, his personal wealth means that he doesn’t need and won’t take special interest contributions. None! This means he can’t be bought. In today’s day and age, this makes Tim un-cancellable.

Now the reality check.

Wisconsin is a 50/50 purple state. Tim Michels is the ONLY CANDIDATE who can appeal to non-traditional Republican voters who have sat out many elections over the years. Only recently, those voters came out to support Donald Trump. These are the so-called Reagan Democrats who are largely working-class and union members.

Conservatives need to face it; working-class union votes are extremely important to win this election for both Governor and US Senate.  President Trump changed the party; we are no longer the party of the country club elites. Republicans are the party of working people – including those union workers.

Kleefisch simply cannot compete in that arena with her Walker baggage, but Tim Michels can.

I’m sure these are some of the reasons why Michels immediately surged and continues to hold his own against the inevitable Kleefisch machine that is supported by the Madison ‘Snakes & Weasels’.

In recent weeks Kleefisch has become increasingly desperate and has resorted to negative attacks. With zero evidence, she has lobbed hail-Mary accusations against Michels, ALL LIES! She was the first to do so, because she is seeing ‘inevitability’ slip away.

What I find incredibly perplexing is the fact that Scott Walker has had to swoop in to try to stop Michels. I thought Kleefisch was running as the powerful independent woman. Why does she need validation form a man?

In fact, we have seen so much of Scott Walker lately, I am beginning to wonder, is it Rebecca or Scott who is actually running against Tim Michels?

We know Democrats will drop several Million Dollars into Wisconsin to unseat their arch enemy, Ron Johnson. Choosing the best candidate for Governor is crucial to holding back these attacks.

People are saying I am ‘bashing’ Rebecca Kleefisch with my vetting her record. If it’s the truth, it’s not bashing. Everything I have said can be corroborated. It’s important for voters to make an informed choice, others have vetted Tim Michels, I have now vetted Rebecca Kleefisch. It’s up to you to decide.

Even though I am not supporting Kleefisch or Ramthun, I will NEVER condemn anybody for supporting them.  This is a primary and it should be hard fought. It’s literally the only thing we have in order to see what the candidates are made of, before they suffer the wrath of the Democrats. ALL CANDIDATES MUST BE VETTED!

So, we are left with a difficult choice; do we go with the only candidate who has already lost to Tony Evers, do we go with the hard right conservative who will have difficulty winning in a purple state, or do we go with the successful businessman who is not a traditional politician?

While I will support the winner of the primary, I am unapologetically supporting Tim Michels for Governor. I am thrilled that I have moved to sitting out the primary to having a candidate I am happy to vote for.

I have seen him over the years and have seen him on the campaign trail interacting with voters. He is genuine and will come to the Governor’s office armed with the tools to lead and take action to affect much needed change in Wisconsin.

Experience matters, and just imagine what Wisconsin can accomplish with a leader like Governor Tim Michels. We truly need this Hero in order to Retire the Zero!

Kleefisch Receives Big Bucks From ‘Snakes & Weasels’, I mean Lobbyists; who are Pushing a Sales Tax Increase 

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Well, since Rebecca Kleefisch and her campaign want to continue playing the dotted line game, let’s go ahead and play.

According to recent campaign finance reports, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area of Chamber of Commerce (MMAC), Southeast Wisconsin’s largest business lobbying group has donated $70,000 to help Rebecca Kleefisch defeat conservative businessman Tim Michels in August’s GOP primary. MMAC’s lobbying efforts are currently focused on pushing legislation that would allow Wisconsin counties to raise their sales tax and they plan to continue to pursue their agenda in 2023 which means this issue will likely come across our next Governor’s desk. 

Recent campaign finance reports reveal the Kleefisch campaign received a maximum $20,000 contribution from the MMAC in June. The MMAC also in June wrote a $50,000 check to Freedom Wisconsin PAC, a Madison swampy ‘Snakes & Weasels’ group and anti-Michels special interest group run by former Scott Walker campaign manager Stephen Thompson.  You may remember Thompson was the general consultant on the failed Leah Vukmir US Senate campaign.  Freedom Wisconsin has  been running several false, debunked attack ads against Tim Michels.  MMAC’s donations to help the Kleefisch campaign came weeks after Michels entered the race and polling showed him pulling ahead of the former Lieutenant Governor.

Why is Rebecca Kleefisch accepting a major donation from a swampy special interest group like MMAC that is lobbying to increase the sales tax in Milwaukee and beyond? The MMAC’s sales tax policy proposal would harm hardworking Wisconsinites during tough economic times. Kleefisch and her aligned PAC are the only recipients in the Governor’s race to receive donations from MMAC. 

I guess I am bad at this dotted line game, this appears to be more of a solid line and it is important for primary voters to know: has Kleefisch pledged to support MMAC’s efforts to increase the sales tax if she is elected Governor?  Conservatives deserve an answer to this question from Kleefisch’s campaign prior to the primary.

Send Fighting Bob Donovan to Madison

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Bob Donovan Madison bound? Hopefully.

Originally Published in WISCONSIN RIGHT NOW

Bob Donovan Madison bound? Hopefully.

Milwaukee’s missed opportunity can be Wisconsin’s gain. Send Fighting Bob Donovan to Madison

Over the past 20 years or so, when talking about politics in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area, one would be hard pressed to hear a conversation without the mention of long-time Milwaukee South Side Alderman, ‘Fighting’ Bob Donovan.

Having been the Conservative Champion and usually the lone voice of sanity on the Milwaukee Common Council, Bob Donovan is no stranger to standing up and at least giving Milwaukee area conservatives a seat at the table.

Donovan recently ran for Milwaukee Mayor, and even against insurmountable odds, he still got into the fight, and he never stopped.  After losing his battle to become Milwaukee’s Mayor, he could have just taken his political marbles and gone home. Nobody would have blamed him.

Instead ‘Fighting’ Bob fights on. You see, through adversity, comes opportunity. He will not go quietly into the good night. He has decided to continue his passion for public service by running for the Wisconsin State Assembly in Wisconsin’s 84th District.

Like the old cliché goes, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ I’m certain some haters will say, ‘But he lost, why run for another job?’ That is a bad example, especially since he won reelection every time as alderman in a very diverse district. And had he not chosen to stop running for Alderman, he would have surely won again.

This makes his loss in the Mayor’s race is a resounding opportunity for Wisconsin.

Bob Donovan is the perfect candidate at the perfect time.  Only he has the experience to affect the changes the Milwaukee Metro area so desperately needs.

The Milwaukee area is in deep trouble and will need a partnership between local governments and the state government in order to move the needle. Who better to facilitate this partnership than someone who did it for 20 years?

Throughout his years on the Common Council, he managed to ‘herd cats’ in a chaotic political world. Sound familiar? There will be no on-thepjob training for Bob Donovan; he has already proven himself to be quite capable and consistently Conservative. Why else would his constituents re-elect him time and time again.

The new 84th District contains parts of Milwaukee, Greenfield, and Hales corners and likely has a razor thin Conservative slant. This is no place for a political amateur; there is too much at stake.

On top of winning a needed Assembly seat, Bob Donovan can do an excellent job of motivating voters to get out and vote for Ron Johnson and the ultimate GOP Governor candidate.

This area is crucial!

We do not need another first-term ‘back bencher’ to go to Madison and just have their butt warm a seat and do nothing more than just be a loyal vote. Instead, send a proven Conservative champion to Madison who will put in the work for advancing Conservative ideals for the better.

Bob Donovan ain’t done fighting yet, let’s bring the fight to Madison!


Desperate Kleefisch Campaign Continues to Lie 

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In recent weeks the Rebecca Kleefisch campaign has became more and more desperate since they saw polling numbers showing her ‘inevitability’ quickly slipping away to a relatively unknown candidate who has only been campaigning a few weeks.

A couple of weeks ago Kleefisch lobbed a ‘Hail Mary’ TV ad that without proof, falsely accused Candidate Tim Michels of wanting to raise the gas tax. She used a dotted line that Michels headed a trade organization that once lobbied for the gas tax. Her logic was guilt by association. 

Michels strongly denied this and has said publicly he will not raise the gas tax.  More importantly, nobody has been able to come up with any evidence that he personally supported raising the gas tax whatsoever. 

Now, she’s doubling down on the falsehood with a new TV ad repeating the lie.  Clearly it’s a mark of desperation by her flailing Campaign. The ads specifically talk about how ‘Tim Michels wants to increase your gas tax’ and other jabs like, ‘he’s just in it for himself.’ 

Why on earth would an extremely successful multi-millionaire businessman  subject himself and his family to personal attacks by Kleefisch, Scott Walker Tony Evers? The notion he is “in it for himself” is laughable.  Michels views this campaign as a call to duty to save our state from liberal policies of Tony Evers. He’s making an enormous personal sacrifice, just like Trump did, to help put our state back on track. Clearly his reasoning is that he wants to make a difference and affect change. 

But you know what is rather interesting. At the so-called debate this last Sunday, Kleefisch made sure made sure she got a childish jab in about Michels not showing up to the last debate, that was important. 

But oddly missing from any of her rhetoric or jabs was the gas tax issue that she is doubling down on. Why is that? After all, this is an issue that she feels is so important that she made multiple commercials on it. She didn’t raise the issue, because she knew she couldn’t defend her ads on camera with Michels there to refute them.  It’s as cowardly as it gets.  Carry a big stick in TV ads, but speak softly on stage.

Let’s put this gas tank falsehood into perspective and let me explain why someone like Tim Michels would never support such a thing

Tim Michels knows Wisconsinites are struggling under record inflation and gas prices caused by the liberal policies of Joe Biden.  The last thing they need is a tax increase of any kind.  And a gas tax increase doesn’t make sense for businesses, either. It would simply raise the cost of goods and services which would be passed on to consumer.  Common sense tells you this is a dumb idea that no credible Republican candidate would support.    

The Kleefisch campaign of ‘inevitability’ has been flawed from the start.  When Kevin Nicholson ‘broke her rules’ and entered the race, Kleefisch immediately went negative on him. The people of Wisconsin were seeing this, this was why she was locked t 32% after three years of campaigning. 

Then all Hell broke loose because Tim Michels had the audacity to enter the race. Now, after years of Walker/Kleefisch collecting hundreds of thousands in campaign donations from Tim Michels and his family, Kleefisch and Walker have turned on Michels.

The desperation started after the first polls had Michels and Kleefisch neck and neck, then later showed Michels pulling away. Now the campaign has completely gone off the rails and spewing lie after lie.  What happened to Becky’s plan for Wisconsin? Why is she solely focused on tearing down Michels rather than building herself up? 

Kleefisch is showing voters a darker side that suggests she is willing to do an say anything to win.  She needs this job.  Michels doesn’t.  So who is really in it for themselves?