In an Act of Defiant Cowardice, the Radical Wauwatosa School Board Doubled-Down on Radical Grooming Agenda

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Tonight, the Extremist radical Wauwatosa School Board doubled-down on the recently ‘approved’ hyper-sexualized ‘grooming’ program for Tosa students OF ALL AGES>

As I wrote in an article over the weekend, the Wauwatosa School Board was called out for their fraudulently forcing the radical ’grooming’ agenda on Tosa Students. The program is inappropriately called Human Growth and Development when it should really be called ’Sexuality for Tots.’

Michael Meier, the lone voice of sanity on the Board, and the only ’NO’ vote, filed a Motion to Rescind the Recently Approved Curriculum. Basically, he said the manipulation of the survey data by radical Superintendent, Demond Means, and his radical partner in crime, Board President, ’Dr’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD, had misrepresented the results to suit the ‘agenda’. Thus, breaking open meeting laws.

Surprisingly, there was an email sent to parents about a Special meeting. This almost never happens. A Tosa parent sent an email to Means questioning the odd move and he responded:

Means’ response was so condescending. We all know that it was to get supporters in on the short notice meeting.

The Board President simply had no choice and he called a Special Meeting to ’consider’ the motion. In reality, Consideration NEVER HAPPENED. The motion was the first agenda item and Meier read the motion into the record.

Then, in what was probably the fastest motion to consider in the history of Tosa Schools, ’Dr.’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD, asked for a 2nd, and in an act of cowardice, NOT A SINGLE member offered a 2nd. That, my friends, was ’all she wrote.’ Or, should I say ‘they?’ I wouldn’t want to offend. -snicker

While this vote was really not a surprise, it was interesting that the board isn’t even pretending to care what others think anymore.

One interesting side note, since it was a full house, some people were standing in the two doorways. I was standing with a few other people at the door closest to the board members. we were all there for about 20 minutes. The whole time, not a single word from the board members. And I know I was noticed early on.

After the ’non-vote,’ the others walked out, leaving me alone. Suddenly, a few moments later, ’Dr’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD arrogantly singled me out and asked me to relocate to the other entrance, where it was already full of people. Obviously, he knows who I am, I’ve been a thorn in his side for years. He had apparently felt the need to flex his PhD. ’muscles’ in response to my calling him a ’beta-male’ in a previous article. But I digress.

Later in the evening, there was a point where Michael Meier got into a heated discussion with ’Dr.’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD. and the rest of the board. Meier argued about the survey results being manipulated and talked about Dr. Marble’s email stating that board members asked to have the survey results changed.

This letter was the ‘smoking gun’ that the results were manipulated

One member didn’t know what Meier was even talking about. Meier had to explain to her that someone on the board proceeded to manipulate the survey results. Jessup- Anger started to ramble, in his arrogant (I’m smarter than you) tone about why things were done. It’s quite telling. The Video below starts just before it gets interesting.

I guarantee that legal action is coming to Tosa. The radicals broke open meeting laws by manipulating the survey data to get the ’preferred’ result. This will cost Tosa taxpayers a fortune. Stay tuned.

This radical School Board needs to be stopped. I’ll remind Tosa taxpayers that there are four seats up for reelection in the Spring. Conservatives need a sweep to balance the board. Get to work on recruiting candidates.

Michael Meier was just recently re-elected and definitely needs reinforcements. And here is an interesting fact, Meier is a Liberal. He and I have disagreed at times, but he is always respectful and is ALWAYS willing to give Conservatives a seat at the table. He is a rare breed in a world of left-wing extremists he has to work with.

As for the RINGLEADER, ‘Dr’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD., will be eligible for a recall after the Spring elections. The idea of a recall needs to be seriously considered, because, I know for a fact that the ‘Dr’ did NOT campaign on this radical agenda.

Tosa taxpayers and parents need to take their schools back from radical sexualization and set the precedent for the rest of the state. Get ready for a busy Spring.