Nomination Papers Show Jennifer Dorow with Energized Support, It’s Time for Dan Kelly to Drop Out

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There is no rest for the weary. Here we are, once again upon the threshold of another epically important political battle in the State of Wisconsin. Our final barrier against the radical left is the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and over the past several years, Conservatives have not fared very well in statewide elections.

Sure, we were able to save Ron Johnson against the national tide, but that was frighteningly close. The reality is we have to focus on building a ground game and quickly. Unfortunately, we are faced with yet another primary battle with two Liberals and two Conservatives facing off in February.

Having two Conservatives on the ballot, former Justice Daniel Kelly and Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow, creates a situation where there is a very real possibility the two Liberals could advance to the General election. Scarry, right?

I recently wrote an article calling Dan Kelly to task about going negative against Jennifer Dorow. In that article, I raised concerns about political miscalculations and suggested he drop out of the race. I stand by that and now I am even more concerned.

Nomination signatures were due on January 3rd at the Wisconsin Election Commission(WEC). 

Jennifer Dorow Delivered 3,736 signatures on December 19. Even after submitting, she received another 7,000 plus signatures and continued flowing in through the mail. A sure sign of the excitement and energy behind her candidacy.

Over the past several weeks I noticed the Kelly Campaign being rather quiet and I was curious. Late in the afternoon on January 3rd (the final day) I went to the WEC Website and looked at the late afternoon report. I was stunned, Dan Kelly had not yet submitted any signatures. 

What could this mean? It left me wondering if he indeed was dropping out. But then, whew, he did end up delivering 2,825 signatures at basically the 11th hour.

Wait, what? That’s right, an anemic 2,825 signatures in a race where momentum is key, and at the last minute. It is more proof that momentum is lost. Yes, he did meet the required threshold of 2,000, but this was surprising since he’s been running for months.

I hate to say it, but there is clearly not enough energy behind Dan Kelly. This lack of motivation will be excruciating and can be insurmountable for him. To add to my concern, Kelly’s campaign manager, Alex Walker, recently left the campaign to join the staff of Senator Julian Bradley. This is a troubling sign.

I have been saying for weeks now that Jennifer Dorow has the momentum and is the solid frontrunner. 

On a personal level, I think Dan Kelly is a great guy and was a solid Conservative Jurist. But, Jennifer Dorow has added much-needed energy to the race which gives her the edge against Kelly and against the Liberals. It’s just a fact.

What’s more, both remaining in the race is DANGEROUS. As I said, splitting the vote could create a situation where the two Liberals advance to the general, THIS WOULD BE A DISASTER FOR CONSERVATIVES.

Kelly could do the right thing for the conservative movement and step aside and endorse Dorow now.  Scott Walker did this for Mark Green in 2006 and it set him up to become Governor in 2010. 

If conservatives lose in April, EVERYTHING WE HAVE WORKED FOR WILL GO AWAY. Things like School Choice, Concealed Carry, Right to Work, Act 10, Voter ID, ALL GONE! This also makes the court the quasi-legislature for Tony Evers. 

We are now at that proverbial crossroads in the race for Supreme Court, and the time has come for Dan Kelly to do some serious soul-searching.

The Left has already been able to define him, and issues like Roe will haunt him as it did several Conservatives last November. Moreover, the left and many unions are already coalescing behind Milwaukee Circuit Judge Janet Protasiewicz. 

Dan Kelly has proven himself on the court and can fight another day; just not for this seat and not at this time. We must all UNITE with Jennifer Dorow to protect, literally everything.