Wauwatosa public schools, no time for higher scores, but time for indoctrination

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‘To control what people think, you must first control what people say.’
-George Orwell

Many people know that Wauwatosa Public Schools have been one of the the goto school systems in the Milwaukee area for decades. Mainly known for excellent programs and for achieving great results.

Being a product of Tosa high schools myself, I moved my family back to Tosa in 2000 for that exact reason. Unfortunately, I have been noticing a shift in quality over the past few years. So much of a shift that I am seriously questioning if my youngest will remain in Tosa Schools after this year.

As many of you know, the past couple of years, I have been informing people about the loudly ‘non-partisan’, yet hyper partisan, left-wing ‘concerned parents’ group called SOS. Since they have no actual ideas, the group has been largely screaming about ‘more money’, or so I thought.

Well, since since SOS founder Shawn Rolland was elected to the school board, it seems to have had a seismic shift beyond just merely begging to suckle at government tit and is actually using preciously limited class time for the utter ideological indoctrination of our kids.

As a parent with Conservative leanings, I try keep up to date with the latest vitriol that the extremist Social Justice warriors on the Tosa School Board are cramming down the throats of our kids.

I long suspected the creeping indoctrination and even wrote about it in previous articles, but now I HAVE PROOF!

Recently the Digest received an anonymous letter in the mail from a Wauwatosa School District employee. I must say, I was beyond shocked!

The anonymous writer talked about how at the end of last school year, the district championed the removal of reading hour, and replacing it with an ‘Advisory Hour’ at both middle schools in Tosa. It was touted as a time to ‘help’ students with their ‘socio-emotional’ learning.

Apparently every employee had a vote on whether to implement this ‘advisory hour’ or not.  The district said that supposedly 90% wanted the hour, but the writer calls that figure into question as several teachers wondered why they were focusing on socio-emotional learning while test scores have dropped by 10% since taking away reading hour.

Mind you that they did not ask parents, because of course, the ‘professionals’ know best.

Since the Advisory Hour’s implementation, every Wednesday for 25 minutes, teachers lead a discussion on certain topics picked by an ‘advisory team’ of employees who ‘volunteered’ to create certain lessons. No surprise, members of the advisory team are mostly, if not all, extreme LIBERAL.

Initially the topics were the usual anti-bullying, be respectful of everyone types of subjects. Of course they already get this material in Adolescent Studies or Human Growth and Development classes.

I’m sure all of us are supportive of anti-bullying programs and making sure our kids treat everyone with respect.

Fast forward to the December 4th Advisory Hour.

Along with the anonymous letter, we received a printed copy of the 16 page LGBTQ powerpoint for that advisory hour. That’s right 16 pages ‘instructing’ kids on how to act, talk to, talk about, etc about the LGBTQ ‘culture’. (I will add photos below of each page from the packet for all to see)

Simply put, indocterination materials and propaganda for a specific political group being FORCED down the throats of our kids.

This was to be taught to all 8th graders at both Whitman and Longfellow. As far as we know, only one teacher at Whitman refused and was given an alternative lesson to present. That means nearly ALL 8th graders had this indoctrination given to them.

Of course, the Left-wing social justice warriors will immediately call me a homophobe for daring to question their ‘infinite’ wisdom. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s sad that I even have to clarify this, as a Conservative with Libertarian leanings, I have a live and let live mentality. I don’t care who people sleep with. It’s not my business.

What I do care about is kids at 13 years old being hyper sexualized at such a young age, with so much detail when they don’t have the mental capacity to handle it. Schools are NOT the place for this. Especially when Wauwatosa Schools are falling behind on things that actually matter. Like reading.

But wait, there’s more…

There was one additional tidbit of information offered by the writer. A few weeks later they went to the school’s Google drive to look for the presentation and this document which was shared with 100% of the employees, was gone!

Did the advisory team remove it? If so, if it’s something so controversial that they felt they needed to remove any trace, should they be teaching it to our kids?

I encourage parents to reach out to the Tosa School Board, though I doubt they’ll listen, and call school Superintendent Phil Ertl. We need to express our anger and frustration at this covert attempt to indoctrinate our kids and force them to think a certain way.

Schools are supposed to be politically neutral and focused on learning things that will give them skills to become self sufficient members of society, not loyal, compliant subjects. Basically the opposite of the crap the Social Justice Warriors on the board are pushing.

If you have kids in other school systems, don’t worry, I’m sure it’s coming to a school system near you. Be vigilant.







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