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The ‘Red Wave’ Where Literally NOTHING CHANGED

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 A week has now passed 2022 Midterm elections and the ‘RED WAVE’ all the pundits predicted never materialized nationally, but we made some progress in Wisconsin.  It fact, it was one of the worst midterm performances ever by the party out of power.  

The good news is Ron Johnson defied the odds and was reelected to his third term; the GOP expanded their majorities in both houses of the Legislature including a supermajority in the Senate; the GOP captured the 3rd CD for the first time in a generation, and won the Treasurer’s office.  

The ‘Red Wave’ that did not materialize did its damage also. Tim Michels lost, and Eric Toney lost, and there is no sugarcoating that. It’s deeply disappointing to squander what appeared to be the perfect political storm for big GOP gains across the board. 

Since election night, it has been interesting watching all the armchair quarterbacking on social media this week after the results came in. Especially regarding the race for Governor. The mythology spewed by some in the other primary camps would have made the ancient Greeks proud.

Everything from ‘Rebecca would have won, or would have won with a ‘Desantis margin,’ ‘I told you so,’ or Michels was a ‘weak’ candidate. ‘Candidate quality matters.’ Michels did not work as hard, the team always went home early, etc.  This hyperbole, and frankly pettiness, cannot go unanswered.

So, why do I think Tim Michels lost? There is no one clear reason, it was many. I am not making excuses, just dissecting what I think the main issues were.  Both Ron Johnson and Tony Evers were incumbents. They had no primary, both spent the most, and successfully defined their opponents before they could be defined themselves. That’s a winning formula. No incumbents lost in Wisconsin. Only one incumbent Governor lost nationally – Nevada.

Did the party unite after the primary? No! Kevin Nicholson was the only candidate who publicly endorsed Michels but waited until the final hours. Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Ramthun sat this one out, and so did a percentage of their supporters, particularly in Waukesha and Washington County.

This was always about defeating Tony Evers. 

Sadly, too many Republicans took the primary personally and voted 3rd party, wrote in a candidate, or sat out altogether. It was significant, about 30k votes, but would not have changed the outcome.   

The Michels numbers were basically in line with previous Republicans. Michels got more votes than Scott Walker did in 2010 and 2014, but 29,234 fewer than Walker did in 2018.  Tony Evers got 31,102 MORE votes than he got in 2018. Democrats added to their total, and Republicans subtracted. It’s math. 

The Money Factor

Tim Michels invested, roughly $20 Million. Something no Wisconsin candidate has ever done. Literally, every dollar was focused on beating Evers. Sadly, it wasn’t nearly enough to overcome Evers’ financial advantage. This was the most expensive gubernatorial campaign in the nation. No matter how much Michels put in, or raised, Evers always had more. 

Michels did say he would ‘self-fund,’ when he probably should have set a maximum. Unfortunately, the perception was out there that he would match Evers’ efforts. He should have taken contributions throughout the primary, except from PACs and lobbyists.  That talking point was very effective in the primary.   

The guy invested significantly more than any candidate in history, and it wasn’t nearly enough. That’s scary. 

Other candidates would have surely struggled to keep up. Anecdotally, not nearly enough money was invested in areas like Dane County, and it cost us dearly. Too many resources had to be invested in areas like Waukesha in an effort to shore up support that should have already been there. 

Had Kleefisch publicly endorsed Michels early on and agreed to send a mailing to her supporters, Michels could have focused on other areas rather than bringing home the base. Not the main reason for the loss, but it sure would have helped. 

In the end, money was a major factor and insurmountable for anyone.

Candidate Quality

Sure, Tim Michels was a little sluggish at first, but in the end, he evolved into an excellent candidate. He did an amazing job of connecting with voters all over the state. This did not go unnoticed, even several staunch Rebecca supporters commented to me about how impressed they had become with Michels over the course of the campaign.

On top of that, he and his team worked their butts off traveling across the state EVERY DAY! They were literally everywhere and had put together a substantial ground game in a short time. It was non-stop!

I am not going to say everything in the campaign was perfect, there were missteps. Sadly, the Democrats were able to control the narrative on issues like abortion and the largely unanswered harassment claims against Michels Corporation. Yes, they were answered on the trail, but they needed to be addressed more aggressively. But that’s hindsight.

Let’s put that myth to rest, Tim was a SOLID candidate who put everything he had into the race, so did his team. To him, this was a call to duty to save our state, and he answered the call.  

I have zero regrets about supporting him!

The elephant in the Room, Rebecca Kleefisch Would Have Won?

The notion of Kleefisch winning the general: it’s like saying the Packers would have won the Super Bowl last year if they had beaten San Francisco. Saying Rebecca Kleefisch would have won has no basis in fact whatsoever.

Let’s ignore money for a moment. Kleefisch would have faced the same party division that Michels had. Only this time the anti-establishment wing would have never supported her, the same folks who stayed home in 2018.

Remember, she was polling at an anemic 32% and almost 50% undecided, after having campaigned for nearly three years. Republicans were NOT enthusiastic about her candidacy. She was unable to win the state party endorsement despite spending nearly $1 million identifying and targeting delegates and getting them to the convention.  Folks can blame Kevin Nicholson all they want, but if Becky was the strongest candidate, she would have easily won the party endorsement, just as Leah Vukmir did in 2018. 

Becky had all the advantages of incumbency; high name ID; she’s been on a statewide ballot five times with a record of 4-1; she had all the Madison insiders supporting her including the powerful WMC; she had the Walker machine behind her; she raised more than $8 million; she had most the Republican Party Executive Committee and a majority of County Chairs supporting her, yet she still lost by 5 points to a campaign that had fewer than a dozen staff and no real ground game.  Why is that?  Because most Republicans wanted an outsider. Becky was an insider. 

So, how can you say she would have won the general when she couldn’t even win the primary with all that going for her? Of course, general elections are different dynamic, but you have to win the primary to get to the general. 

Yes, my friends, Rebecca Kleefisch would have also lost, and possibly by a larger margin since money would have been a more significant issue for her.

The Tony Evers Machine Was Hard to Beat

I have been saying for over a year that Tony Evers was going to be tough to beat. Even though we know the reality, he comes across as this Mister Rogers type of friendly guy who looks harmless. Issues like Covid shutdowns, Kenosha, and mask mandates were all over two years ago, an eternity in politics. His approval numbers never really fell below 49%. People didn’t dislike him as much as the Republicans expected.  

He also avoided public appearances like the plague, thus not having anything on video that could harm him as Barnes did. And finally, let’s not forget, he’s the incumbent. Wisconsin really likes incumbents.  

Abortion, the Albatross that Republicans Failed to Overcome Nationwide

Tim Michels, Ron Johnson, and literally EVERY Republican in the country completely misjudged the effect Roe v Wade was going to have on the electorate. This issue was one that Republicans failed to get the base out on.

Democrats were able to use the abortion issue to micro-target Gen Z voters on campuses across the state, and it worked. Young women were told a right their mothers and grandmothers had was no longer available to them. It motivated them to get out and vote. And pollsters and the GOP never picked up on the momentum. 

It’s the Ballots Stupid

The biggest reason Republicans failed in Wisconsin is, quite frankly, our ground game sucks. There is no better way to put it. Every year we keep losing more and more ground to the Democrats. They have literally grown their base by tens of thousands every cycle.

Why? They are constantly pushing into Republican areas, expanding their base. And the data shows they have been successful.  Where had the GOP expanded territory in the past four years?  Add to this the relentless focus on getting ballots into the hands of voters, and then ensuring their return. Republicans are consistently failing at this. The Democrats focus on ballots, and Republicans focus on complaining about them focusing on ballots. 


There is NO time to celebrate the victories we achieved last Tuesday.  As of right now, unless we make SIGNIFICANT party changes, WE WILL LOSE AGAIN IN APRIL. 

The Republican party is the real loser from last Tuesday. Just look at Milwaukee County, Republicans barely got 29%, this includes Johnson, or 21% in Dane. 

Many in Republican party leadership need to quit or be voted out. Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity? Especially in Milwaukee and Dane Counties where nothing has changed in years. We’ve had the same people deploying the same tactics in Milwaukee and Dane County for years and the only thing we are building in those counties is losses up and down the ballot.

In a nutshell, there was no red wave, literally, NOTHING CHANGED.

We have a ton of work to do to save a Supreme Court Seat, or literally EVERYTHING CHANGES. Lying about a campaign to give yourself relevance is simply doing nothing to affect change.

Tim Michels and his campaign team were able to stay competitive against incredible headwinds and lost a close race in a weird cycle. Enough of this, there’s too much work to do.

The Crossroads Ahead, will we take the road to the Left or will WE make the RIGHT decision?

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The 2022 Midterms could go down in as a watershed moment in history, with the most potential seismic shift since the 1994 Gingrich revolution that thrust the Republicans back into control of Congress for the first time in 40 years at the time. 

In Wisconsin, that last watershed moment was in 2010, when we did the unexpected; with maps that favored the Democrats, we flipped the completely blue state RED.  Scott Walker became Governor, Ron Johnson took out a three-term Democrat incumbent in the US Senate, and the GOP took over the majority in both houses of the Legislature. The 2010 wave was a clear rejection of President Obama’s policies across the country. 

For eight years, the Republicans controlled the legislature and the executive branch. With that, we enacted many reforms that lead to prosperity in Wisconsin. We saw things like property tax reductions, a favorable business climate, low unemployment, neutering the power of public employee unions, concealed carry, voter ID, prevailing wage, right to work, and many other positive things. Wisconsin truly was ‘open for business.’

Wisconsin helped to elect President Donald Trump, the first Republican President Wisconsin had elected since Ronald Reagan in 1984. We also re-elected Senator Ron Johnson and continue to hold and expand the GOP legislative majorities to this day. 

Economically, things were great in Wisconsin and across the nation. Conservative policies were unquestionably proven to work.

Then came 2018. Our side got complacent, outsmarted, and Tony Evers/Mandela Barnes, and Josh Kaul were able to squeak in and take the Governor’s mansion and the Attorney General’s office. This setback all but ended our ability to continue to advance the conservative agenda across Wisconsin.  Sure, Republicans continued to push for important reforms, and Tony Evers signed a few of them, but he vetoed more bills in one term than any Governor in history.  

Clearly, the ‘WOKE’ Extremist wing of the Democrat Party was now in control of the most powerful offices in Wisconsin.

While they barely won, hardly a mandate, they were able to weave a path of extremist destruction that Wisconsin had NEVER seen.

Enter the ‘pandemic.’

Under the ‘leadership’ of the Tony Evers/Mandella Barnes regime, we saw the most obscene government overreach since the Democrats sent Japanese Americans to camps during WWII. Evers/Barnes used Covid-19 for political gain. All under the guise of “FLATENNING THE CURVE.” By the way, has it been 15 days yet? Asking for a friend.

Lockdowns, mask mandates, the government determining who was ‘essential’ or not, and business owners facing arrest if they chose to remain open, were the norm for this rogue administration. Tony Evers even shut down churches, at a time when they were needed the most. You cannot convince me this was not by design. Sadly, there was no way to appeal these decisions other than to fight them in court.  Local small businesses got crushed while many global businesses flourished. 

Tony Evers’ reaction to the virus was much more detrimental than the virus itself. Drug and alcohol addiction skyrocketed; domestic abuse was up; depression was up; suicides were up; crime went up, and the answer to all of this was extraordinary government spending which led to 40-year high inflation.  

But you know what went down during all of this? Your 401K, student test scores, support for law enforcement, and your very way of life. 

In short, the Evers/Barnes Administration’s efforts to ‘prevent more deaths’, succeeded in literally killing the American way of life for Wisconsinites.

We all know this was a deliberate crashing of the economy in an effort to get the ‘evil Orange Man’ out of office. Donald Trump could have declared Oxygen as the cure for COVID-19 and Tony Evers would have immediately held his breath. Yes, Evers made Wisconsin suffer because he went along with the national Democrat strategy to politicize COVID-19 for political gain.

But wait, there’s more!

Under Tony Evers’ ‘leadership’ since 2008, schools have been failing and the ‘WOKE’ Liberal agenda has been creeping in. The so-called Education Governor has presided over the largest decline in public education in a generation, and the poor and minority students have suffered the most. Evers’ answer is just ‘spend more money’ on schools – the same answer he has had for the past 16 years.  What do they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? 

We are seeing the ‘WOKE’ agenda goals, like all the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the extremist indoctrination of hyper-sexualized education inserted into the state-mandated curriculum. Yes, telling white kids they are automatically racist, introducing 3rd graders to vibrators and anal sex, or allowing 7-year-olds to begin ‘transitioning.’ All without parental consent.

What’s more, if a parent was brave enough to speak up against the indoctrination of our kids, they were told to stop or face prosecution as a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ by the Gestapo, the US Department of Homeland Security.  Our WOKE Attorney General, Josh Kaul, agreed and did nothing to defend Wisconsin parents.

They did ALL this damage while we had the Republican-controlled Legislature as a firewall. I dare not imagine how much worse it would have been. Thank God the GOP and other groups challenged the Evers’ extreme and unlawful lockdowns in court and won. 

Imagine if Evers gets another four years. Scary! Remember, being governor is powerful, including replacing vacancies on the supreme court. Evers is dangerous!

I can write a novel about the failures of Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, and Josh Kaul, and let’s not forget, Joe Biden, but I do not want to depress you further. Instead, I’m here to tell you, there’s hope for the future! And it’s in our hands to make it a reality.

On Tuesday, we have the honor of re-electing Senator Ron Johnson, he will help take the Senate out of Kamala’s hands. Unfortunately, this is only half the equation. That alone does not continue us on the RIGHT path. We need to Elect Tim Michels, Eric Toney, and the rest of the ticket.

While all the races are important, the race for Governor trumps them all (Pardon the pun). We simply cannot restart and advance the conservative agenda without a GOP governor.  It’s that simple.  Tim Michels has become an excellent candidate and there is no question he is a strong conservative. The strength of Tim Michels’ candidacy will help across the ballot.

We have had many cycles through our lives where we were mostly voting against someone, rather than voting for someone. Clearly, what I wrote above alone, should be more than enough motivation to VOTE AGAINST TONY EVERS. But, isn’t it great we actually have a solid candidate to VOTE FOR?

In fact, we have seen the emergence of a full-fledged TIM MICHELS MOVEMENT. I had recently discussed how Tim has grown as a candidate, but what I have seen in the past several weeks is nothing short of an energized movement. 

The atmosphere at campaign stops across the state is simply ELECTRIC, and it’s contagious. I have attended several campaign events and the number of new faces is through the roof. The other day at a Waukesha campaign event, I met a Democrat Teamster Union Member who is voting Republican across the board for the first time. Why? Because of Tim Michels. 

We have also seen this in polling as of late. Tim Michels has the momentum. The latest Trafalgar Group Poll has Michels at 50%, while Evers has not shown ANY movement in months. He’s still stuck at 48%. This pattern is consistent among MOST polls. 

Recently, it looks like Evers, or someone, launched a last-minute notice to patriots across the state telling them Michels was a ‘RINO’ and they should vote for Joan Beglinger.  Too bad everyone already knows Beglinger wholeheartedly and unapologetically endorsed Michels months ago, because she knows he will do the job to turn the state around. Nice try.

The Real Clear Politics Poll Average has Michels slightly ahead. In 2018 they had Evers slightly ahead. When taking the historical 4% or so under-polling of Republicans into account, the RCP average shows Michels with an even higher lead. 

That being said, DON’T GET COCKY! None of this becomes a reality IF WE DO NOT SHOW UP in less than 36 hours and VOTE!

Remember, 2018 and 2020 were hardly watershed elections in Wisconsin. I argue that Wisconsin is less purple than people think and becoming more of a shade of light red.

I am confident that 2018 was nothing but a statistical anomaly. The Democrats played games with things like adding Pot Referenda in Milwaukee and Madison to get Evers and Kaul some extra ‘pot head’ votes. I bet they feel duped because Pot is still illegal. Sorry, not sorry. EVERS AND KAUL BARELY SQUEAKED IN. 

Then we have the 2020 election. The Democrats literally removed ALL Biden opposition from the ballot, illegally allowed mail-in ballots to skirt Voter ID, illegally added drop boxes to skirt Voter ID, illegally changed all the rules for ‘curing’ ballots, and ‘indefinitely confined’ rules to skirt Voter ID. And even with all that nefarious activity, Biden STILL BARELY SQUEAKED in.

In a nutshell, they barely won in 2018 and 2020 by stacking the deck. How they won, why they won, it doesn’t matter at this juncture. What matters is that we ALL get back into the fight! Do not let them use fear and deception, or let others use childishness, in order to deflate you to get you to stay home or skip a line on the ballot.

As I have said before, we sweep all the races or we fail. We must make the RIGHT decision and show up in such overwhelming numbers that nothing the Democrats try to slight the system will work; just like we did in the Recall of 2012 or the 2016 Election. 

So, here we are at that crossroads. This is our chance to prove that continuing on the RIGHT road is the only path to economic prosperity, cutting crime, and saving our kids from an extremist agenda. It’s that simple, we show up or we fail. It’s literally in our hands. 

I dare say, let’s Make Wisconsin Great again!

AUDIO: Joan Beglinger reinforces support for Tim Michels, in recorded response to FALSE lit and website

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Back in September, I wrote about the Independent Conservative candidate for Governor, Joan Beglinger, suspending her campaign and FULLY AND PUBLICALLY endorsing Tim Michels.

Well, out of desperation, it looks like a shadow groups called ‘Rino Hunters’ out of Washington DC, and another out of Salt Lake City called “Liberty Group, Inc.’ are sending out blatantly FALSE literature and FALSE TV ads lying that she is still running. The groups are is likely spin-offs of the anti-Trump group, called the ‘Lincoln Project,’ or a possible desperate left-wing group seeing Tony Evers tanking and acting on his behalf. They are well funded and THE INFORMATION THEY ARE STATING IN THE LIT ADS ARE BLATANT LIES!

This propelled Joan Beglinger to IMMEDIATELY make a recording reminding people she is NOT running and is voting for and endorsing Tim Michels. HERE IS THE RECORDING:

ALso, Beglinger’s ACTUAL CAMPAIGN WEBSITE still, plainly states, ‘CAMPAIGN ALERT, September 4, 2022, Joan Ellis Beglinger Ends Run, for Governor to Endorse Tim Michels and Ron Johnson.

The shadow group using a NEW website domain that was just purchased a few days ago on 10/24/2022. Clearly, an attempt to derail the surging Tim Michels campaign. Here is the WHOIS data on the domain showing the purchase information:

Screenshots from the FAKE website.

Here is the domain information from Beglinger’s ACTUAL CAMPAIGN WEBSITE which was purchased back on March 6th:

Internal Evers polling must show him losing, why else would there be an attempt to deceive Wisconsin voters?

In September, Beglinger announced the suspension of her campaign in the following email:


The extent of the corruption in our politics may be the most important lesson from my many months as a candidate for governor. It’s a very serious threat to our freedom. With the election just around the corner, I’m announcing a change in my campaign that will be published in the September/October issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors, online now at onwisconsinoutdoors.com, and distributed throughout the state in the coming week. The OWO article is printed in its entirety below:

Vote for Tim Michels and Ron Johnson

Our Path Has Changed. Our Objectives Have Not.

Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes are tools of a Democratic Party that is pushing a radical agenda and eroding our freedom faster than any of us would have believed possible. They must be defeated in the November election.

Tim Michels and I are not politicians and we both have extensive backgrounds in executive leadership in the private sector. Tim entered the race late, secured President Trump’s endorsement and won the Republican Primary. This dramatically changed the election landscape. With just two months to go, I am in my first poll and the media, who’ve ignored me for well over a year, are suddenly interested. They will try to use me to re-elect Tony Evers and I am not going to allow that to happen. This leads me to the only decision that makes sense, given the choices now facing the voters and the enormous threats we face. I am going to do what I can to help Tim Michels and Ron Johnson defeat Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes.

Our elections depend on the voters’ ability to make honest, side-by-side comparisons of their candidate choices. It’s been clear throughout the entire 17 months I’ve been a candidate, that the media, pollsters, and political parties work in concert to control the information voters have. Wisconsin voters must understand this as we continue the battle to reclaim our government.

Our path has changed; our objectives have not. Now more than ever, it’s going to take all of us to expose and eradicate the corruption in our politics and restore our government to one that works for us.

Last week I contacted Tim Michels. We sat down face to face and I told him what I was going to do and why. This is a change in direction but far from the end of the line. My voice will remain clear and strong and I remain totally invested in the work we must do. Please join me in taking back our state.

VIDEO: Bob Donovan Energizes a Crowd of Hundreds at a Local Rally

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At a rally at Clifford’s in Hales Corners, our very own ‘Fighting’ Bob Donovan proved, once again, why Wisconsin needs him in the State Assembly. He gave a passionate and energizing to hundreds of supporters to work hard to elect Conservatives up and down the ballot.

Hearing how genuine he’s and ho he connects with people explains why the people of the 84th District overwhelmingly voted for Bob in the primary.

Like I have said before, Bob Donovan is a rare breed when it comes to politicians. He actually works to serve the people he will represent and will definitely NOT go to Madison to be a ‘backbencher.’

Electing Bob Donovan is electing a true statesman, not a politician. Here is the video of his speech:

VIDEO: Tim Michels Stops at a Hales Corners rally and Gets Introduced by Kevin Nicholson

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Tim Michels and his team made a campaign stop at Clifford’s in Hales Corners and was met by an energized and passionate crowd of several hundred people!

He was introduced by his former primary rival, Kevin Nicholson who recently endorsed Tim and has joined other well-known Republicans who are supporting Michels. That list of supporters includes Scott Walker, Tommy Thompson, Joan Ellis Beglinger, and Timothy Ramthun.

Before introducing Tim, Kevin encouraged voters to support Republicans up and down the ballot to save Wisconsin and the country. It’s good to see that Nicholson is continuing with No Better Friend and with continuing to tell the truth about the dangers of leftist ideology.

Other candidates who spoke were 84th Assembly Candidate ‘Fighting’ Bob Donovan, Attorney General Candidate Eric Toney, and Secretary of State Candidate Amy Loudenbeck.

Here is the video of Tim’s entire speech where you can hear his passion for winning and getting us back on track. The speech is completely unedited and you can plainly see why I said he’s come a long way as a candidate since starting back in May:

Absentee Ballots Sent to State Rep. Expose Vulnerability in Military Ballot Process

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Over the weekend, Wisconsin Representative Janel Brandtjen received three military absentee ballots at her home address. They came from clerks in Menomonee Falls, South Milwaukee, and Shorewood, and were addressed to ‘Holly’ with three different last names.

It appears someone was making a statement to Rep. Brandtjen who is spearheading the vote integrity efforts in the State Assembly. She was completely surprised and played no part in ordering the ballots.

It seems none of these military voters exist, which raisies concerns. How many are out there? None of the names have a previous voting history or live at the residences listed. This does bring light a serious vulnerability in the Military Absentee Process; all you need is a Name and birthdate, and NOTHING ELSE.

This isn’t the first time questionable ballots were sent out, Rep Elijah Behnke’s ballot was sent to union grove and no one has claimed authorizing it. These are completely unrelated to the Harry Waite case in Racine involving Speaker Robin Vos.

The press release says ‘Representative Brandtjen delivered the unopened ballots to the Waukesha County Sheriff Friday morning, where they will be investigated. She also contacted the Thomas More Society and Justice Gableman to determine the legal options available to stop the theft of military ballots in Wisconsin.’

I cannot stress enough the importance on voting on November 8th, because we cannot change anything unless we win. Turnout is key!

Below is the official Press Release issued by Rep. Brandtjen:

Here’s the text of the Press release:

Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, received authentic military ballots at her home address.

Last Thursday (October 27th), Representative Brandtjen was surprised to find three military ballots sent to her home address from clerks in Menomonee Falls, South Milwaukee and Shorewood. The ballots were all addressed to “Holly” with three different last names. None of these individuals reside, or have resided at her address, and the Representative did not request the ballots. After Rep. Brandtjen made inquiries, she realized these three “Hollys” probably don’t exist. If they did, why would they send ballots to her house?

“I believe someone was trying to point out how easy it is to get military ballots in Wisconsin. Registration for military ballots is not required, so a fictitious name and birthdate is all that is required to obtain a military ballot online,” said Rep Brandtjen. “Feeling shocked about this situation is an understatement because it demonstrates stolen valor from those who protect this nation. I think it’s sad that people feel they have to break the law to get the attention of the legislature. This is now the second time citizens have tried to point out loopholes in our elections,” she added.

Representative Brandtjen delivered the unopened ballots to the Waukesha County Sheriff Friday morning, where they will be investigated. She also contacted the Thomas More Society and Justice Gableman to determine the legal options available to stop the theft of military ballots in Wisconsin.

Below is a copy of the ballots.

Another Tosa West Fight: The Principal Downplays in Letter to Parents.

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Here we go again. Yet another fight at Wauwatosa West High School. This is now happening so frequently that they are going to have to start charging a Pay Per View Fee, just like the MMA.

Yes, I get it, fights in high school are not typically newsworthy. Fights have been going on for generations. The problem is that it’s becoming more frequent, more violent, and more people involved.

What makes the situation at Tosa West worse is that Principal, Corey Golla sent a letter literally downplaying the situation. FULL LETTER BELOW In the letter, he stated, ‘Staff members responded quickly to diffuse the situation.’ Huh?

If you watch the attached video, you can clearly see not an adult in sight for nearly 60 seconds of the video. Then Golla stated that ‘Both students involved in this altercation will receive consequences aligned with our Disciplinary Framework, which can include suspension.’ CAN INCLUDE SUSPENSION? Are you kidding?

Clearly, the handbook is flawed. What about WILL include suspension? That’s how it used to be. Clearly, Wauwatosa schools appear to have minimal consequences for things like fighting, thus no deterrent compelling students to behave. I am still looking to find out if there were any consequences for the BRAWL I wrote about in September. But I digress…sigh.

The letter also says ‘both’, but in the video, you can see three students in the fight. Was he lying on purpose or is he just incompetent? Judging from his prior career in Menomonee falls, I’d say the latter.

Perhaps if Wauwatosa Schools were less concerned about teaching kids about sex toys in 3rd grade and more concerned with actual education and discipline, fights like this would be less often because there would be decisive consequences instead of just ‘tough talk.’

Wauwatosa Schools and especially Tosa West, are completely losing control of students. It’s time to immediately start firing people, beginning with Corey Golla, then the School Board. Tosa Parents need to make themselves heard.


From: Lisa Schrems <noreply@wauwatosa.k12.wi.us>
Date: November 1, 2022 at 3:48:15 PM CDT
To: West High School Recipients <recipients@wauwatosaschools.parentlink.net>
Subject: Physical Altercation today
Reply-To: Lisa Schrems <noreply@wauwatosa.k12.wi.us>

Physical Altercation

Dear Wauwatosa West Community, 

At the end of 5th hour today,  two students became engaged in a physical conflict in the hallway.   Students passing to their 6th hour class may have witnessed the conflict.  

Staff members responded quickly to diffuse the situation. School Resource Officer Griffin assisted as a precaution, and we are thankful that no one was seriously injured as a result of this incident. 

Behavioral expectations for all students can be found in the Wauwatosa West Student Handbook. Those who fail to adhere to these expectations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary consequences. Both students involved in this altercation will receive consequences aligned with our Disciplinary Framework, which can include suspension.

The safety of our students and staff remains a top priority. Please behave appropriately and exercise good judgment so we can continue to ensure that Wauwatosa West is a safe learning environment for all. 


Corey Golla


You are receiving this email because of your relationship with West High School. If you wish to stop receiving email updates sent through the Blackboard service, please unsubscribe.
West High School | 11400 Center Street, Wauwatosa, WI 53222 | 414-773-3000

The Wisconsin RED WAVE: We Sweep, or We Fail, It’s in Your Hands

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I know the idea of the ‘most important election of our lifetime’ has almost become a cliche in the world of political elections. Only now, EVERY election has become the most important in our lifetime.

In the past, a Republican could lose to a Democrat and it was safe to say that we had time to regroup and get them ‘next time.’ Only now, the Democrats have sold their souls to the EXTREME LEFT-WING of their party. 

This is no longer the party of JFK. Heck, it’s not even the party of Bill Clinton. When the Democrats win, IT’S EXISTENTIAL, and each election cycle brings us closer to the proverbial cliff.

Mandela Barnes, Tony Evers, Josh Kaul, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden are ALL agents of CHAOS. They are nothing but different heads of the same Left-wing extremist Hydra. We must remove the whole monster because just like the mythological creature, you remove one head, and two grow back.

We certainly have our work cut out for us. Nationally WE MUST follow through with that ‘Red Wave’ that looks to be forming across the country. 

Republicans must reclaim the House of Representatives from the claws of Nancy Pelosi and the ‘Squad.’ The Democrat House majority isn’t just liberal.  They are dangerous.  The notion of ‘blue dog’ moderate Democrats is long gone. These people are the ‘crazy, unhinged, left!’

Even more importantly, we need to reclaim the Senate from the clutches of that Whiney, spoiled, Child, Chuck Schumer, and his nearly incoherent and incessantly cackling partner in crime, Kamala Harris. 

The GOP needs to retain Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and then win either Nevada, Arizona, or Georgia to take the majority.  As of today, all three Democrat seats lean toward the Republican candidates.  Oh, and our ‘long-shot’ candidates in New Hampshire and the state of Washington are tied with their Democrat incumbent opponents.  The GOP could end up with 53 US Senate seats next week. 

Seriously though, at least Joe Biden has the excuse of impending dementia for his incoherence; what is Kamala’s excuse? But, I digress.

The Senate is also responsible for Judicial confirmations, we have the chance to protect the Judicial firewall that Trump gave us. On top of that, we cannot allow Police De-funder Mandella Barnes, to become the first “Squad’ member in the United States Senate. Yes, Mandela Barnes makes AOC look competent. He has literally accomplished NOTHING in his life.

Winning also allows Republicans to have serious hearings about Hunter Biden’s corruption; Fauci’s true role in the Wuhan lab and get to the bottom of what is going on at the board after they impeach Mayorkis.  Oh, and they may finally get some straight answers from Chris Wray and the FBI on their overt political bias.  

That being said, the Senate and House races are only part of the equation. Even if we retake both houses, Joe Biden can still do plenty of damage through Executive order. And God forbid, if he quits and extremist Kamala takes the reins, we will need a state level barrier to protect us from their Federal overreach. 

Removing the Left-wing extremist from the Attorney General’s office is imperative

The ultra-woke extremist Attorney General, Josh Kaul has been dangerous to our rights since the beginning. Everything from ignoring rights during COVID to calling parents “Domestic Terrorists,’ who were attending School Board meetings and voicing disgust with extremely racist and hyper-sexualized school curricula around the state. He has also done NOTHING regarding Voter Integrity and ILLEGAL activities of WEC and others during the 2020 election.

Eric Toney has a solid track record of prosecuting crime and applying the rule of law. He understands that, as Attorney General, you must enforce ALL laws, not just the ones you agree with. More importantly, Eric Toney has successfully prosecuted voter integrity claims. This is Huge.

It’s been nearly four years since we had a competent Attorney General, and it shows. KEEP SWEEPING!

The path for the RED WAVE MUST go through the Governor’s Mansion

Nobody has been worse for Wisconsin than Governor Tony Evers. Evers literally and deliberately DESTROYED THE WISCONSIN ECONOMY. Already a complete train wreck, in 2020 he immediately used constitutional Emergency Powers to shut down nearly the entire state in order to scuttle our economy. 

He alone determined who was ‘essential’ and was allowed to engage in commerce. He also shut down schools and enforced a draconian ‘mask’ mandate for all of us, but especially our kids.

He wouldn’t even allow people to engage in Constitutionally protected freedom of Religion by shutting down churches. At a time when people needed it the most. All this under the guise of ‘good intentions.’ Why? To get ‘Evil Bad Orange Man.’ We suffered because of political posturing.

Let’s not forget that it was not until the State Supreme Court stepped in and reminded Evers that he was not a dictator, did the draconian measures begin to wain. Evers should have known better, but he and his ‘WOKE’ extremist political puppet masters don’t care what you think.

In fact, Evers cares so little for the people of Wisconsin, that he has only literally been campaigning for two or so weeks. That’s right, Wisconsin is NOT WORTH HIS TIME OR EFFORT. Maybe that’s why 63% of voters on the most recent Marquette Law School poll say the state is seriously off on the WRONG TRACK.  That’s a 10% increase since September and one of the highest ever recorded by Marquette. 

As I have said before, it’s time for us to elect a hero in order to retire the zero. It’s time for Tim Michels to be swept into the Governor’s office so that together, we can work to undo the damage that EVERS has saddled us with. 

Tim Michels is the ideal candidate, at precisely the right moment, to get Wisconsin back on the path to prosperity. Coupled with his impressive Military experience, Tim’s long track record of business success is EXACTLY WHAT WISCONSIN NEEDS to save us from the incompetent Evers trainwreck. 

Just imagine what Wisconsin can do with Tim’s experience at the helm. Gone will be the days of Madison overreach. 

Tim will handle real issues, like giving power back to parents regarding their children through the ‘Parent Bill of Rights’ and Universal School Choice. He will work with cities to give them the resources to tackle the out-of-control crime problem. Tim will use his business experience to streamline government in order to help cut costs at home to help with inflation.

There is a clear contrast between Michels and Evers, and Michels is beginning to shine as a candidate. On top of this, having a competent Governor will help protect Wisconsin citizens from Joe Biden’s extreme Federal overreach. This is imperative.

Unfortunately, there are those who feel they need to ‘prove a point’ out of ‘principle.’

I have said before, what good are ‘principles’ if you do not have the power to do anything about it? We have seen this before and it fails each time. Yes, I have ‘taken stands’ before and what good did it do? In 1992 I voted for Ross Perot, because of ‘principles’ and we were stuck with Bill Clinton. Luckily I grew up and learned from my mistakes.

We have people who are refusing to support Ron Johnson because he said he would not run again. Well, too bad! It is more important to keep this seat and not risk the Democrats gaining existential power. It was imperative that he ran.

There are others who are still upset about the August primary battles for Governor and Attorney General. Well, that was August, and it is now it’s November. That’s what primaries are for, sometimes we lose and sometimes we win, then we MUST support the winner, lest you give the other side power because of a childish temper tantrum.

That mentality almost gave us Hillary Clinton in 2016 and likely gave us Joe Biden. As I have said before, you can surely feel like you are being ‘principled’, but what good are ‘principles’ when you are standing in a soup line? And that’s where we are headed with the likes of the Barnes/Evers team.

There is no write-in candidate or 3rd party candidate for Governor. And leaving any line on your ballot blank is killing any chance of getting any of the changes you wish to affect. We get NOTHING with Barnes, Evers, and Kaul…NOTHING!

Simply complaining about what you ‘wish’ would happen is not affecting change. We cannot affect change if we are not in a position to do so. Like Vince Lombardi is famous for saying, ‘Winning isn’t everything, IT’S THE ONLY THING.’

You must play the hand you are dealt, not continue to play the hand you ‘wish’ you had.

There are also some who are very concerned about WEC and the likely ‘irregular’ election activities like we saw in 2020 and are thinking of not voting out of fear their vote will not count. Let me make this plain. WEC is here and there is literally nothing that will change between now and election day. This is the hand.

Perhaps you should try consuming plenty of fiber before voting so you do not experience any voter irregularity.

In all seriousness though, if you stay home, they have already won. If you stay home we will NEVER be able to be in the position to do something about the election fraud you fear. NOTHING SHOULD KEEP YOU FROM VOTING! We need to show up in such immense numbers that their attempts to ‘stack the deck’ fail miserably.

Our forefathers and tens of thousands of soldiers over the years did not bleed and die for this country just to have it willingly handed over to extremists who hate this country and everything we stand for.


This is our hand, and in reality, this is our ROYAL FLUSH! We MUST ALL vote for Ron Johnson, Tim Michels, and Eric Toney. Anything else is just helping the other side. Period! It is literally ALL OR NOTHING. 

And we do not get any rest after November, because that wave must continue through April and beyond. So, dig in, we are here to stay.

Let’s get all get on our boards and SURF THAT RED WAVE, so we can have a sweep to save Wisconsin and our country. THIS IS OUR MOMENT.

VIDEO: Tim Michels and VA Gov. Glenn Youngkin Speak with Fox News from Waukesha.

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Virginia Governor and Republican rising star, Glenn Youngkin joined Governor Candidate and Wisconsin rising star, Tim Michels on the campaign trail in Waukesha. They traveled together throughout the state and were met with large enthusiastic crowds. They took a few moments to chat with Neil Cavuto on Fox news. Here’s the interview:

Wisconsin and the 84th District Need ‘Fighting’ Bob Donovan in Madison

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This year, we have many new Republican Assembly candidates throughout Wisconsin. Of course, we hope they all win, but here is one candidate who stands out as the absolute must-win for Wisconsin.

I am speaking about Bob Donovan, who is running in the 84th Assembly District. The 84th district consists of Greenfield, Hales corners, and parts of Milwaukee.

Clearly, the main Wisconsin focus has been on the big three races, Ron Johnson, Tim Michels, and Eric Toney. But, if we are able to sweep the big races, we MUST have Bob Donovan in the Assembly, because Milwaukee will be a major factor in turning our state around.

For years, Donovan was a conservative firebrand on the Milwaukee Common Council This makes him uniquely qualified to bridge the Wisconsin state government with the City of Milwaukee Government.

As Tim Michels said in his debate with Tony Evers, ‘Milwaukee is NOT the problem, Milwaukee HAS a problem, and we’re going to fix it.’

Having Bob Donovan in the State Assembly would give a Michels Administration a powerful tool to help fix what’s broken in Milwaukee.

Back in July, I wrote about the importance of voting for Bob Donovan in the August primary for the 84th Assembly District. Not only did he get through the primary, but he trounced his opponent. This is a testament to the fact that Bob Donovan is still a formidable political force.

Bob Donovan is a rare breed in the Wisconsin political scene. He’s one of the very few who is not in it for power and popularity, but he is in it TO SERVE; pure and simple. With Bob Donovan, what you see is what you get, PROVEN leadership, Compassion, and integrity.

Because of this, he has commanded the respect of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. And let’s be honest, we must all work together to fix this mess before it’s too late.

The best part of Bob Donovan being in the Assembly is that he will not need ‘on-the-job training’ and he WILL NOT BE A BACK-BENCHER; he’s going there to do the work of the people, NOT JUST TALK.

Because he is such a strong candidate, his candidacy will help deliver Milwaukee County for the statewide races. This is key!

A loud message was sent in August, now it’s time to send an even louder message on November 8th. We have a huge opportunity to reclaim Wisconsin across the board.

We need to re-elect Senator Ron Johnson, Elect Tim Michels, and elect Eric Toney. And finally, WE MUST SEND FIGHTING BOB DONOVAN TO MADISON!

We are two weeks out, it’s in your hands.